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we'll bring you down a few degrees tomorrow, and that's going to be the trend going into the weekend. and that closure continues on fremont boulevard. from bob's details, he just added, it sounds like that investigation will continue between thornton and peralta, but the freeways move smoothly. well, the today show is just moments away, but we continue today in the bay on roku and other platforms. at 8:00, millennials and mortgages a redfin expert joins us with tips for first time homebuyers in the bay. oh, it is a feat. all right look thanks for joining us here on today in the bay today show. coming up next. that's right. enjoy the rest of your day and we'll see you in half an hour. for a local news update. good tuesday morning. the trump trial one step closer to finishing up. >> the prosecution rests its case. it's may 21st. this is "today."

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♪♪ dramatic day. fireworks in court at former president trump's criminal trial. the defense calling its first witnesses, leading to a clash with the judge moments after the prosecution finished presenting its case. we'll have the very latest, including why closing arguments are now delayed for nearly a week. packing the streets. a massive event unfolding in iran right now. tens of thousands gathering for this morning's start of funeral ceremonies for iran's president. ♪♪ while the investigation into that deadly helicopter crash and the race to replace him move forward. fighting back. israel's prime minister slamming the world's top war crimes court for seeking an arrest warrant against him. >> there is a moral outrage. of historic proportions. >> president biden calling the move outrageous, making clear his support for israel. straight ahead, what it all means for the war in gaza and

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the growing spotlight on amal clooney for her role in that controversial decision. may scorcher. brutal heat expanding across much of the country. record highs possible today from texas all the way to new york. al's steamy forecast and the new risk of severe storms facing tens of millions. all that, plus taking on ai. scarlett johansson on the offensive over chatgpt's voice, that sounds very familiar. >> hello. i'm really excited about teaming up with you. >> inside the battle pitting the actress against the tech giant. and all shook up. a legal fight erupts over elvis presley's iconic graceland estate, set to be auctioned off as soon as this week. what his movie star grand daughter is doing to stop that sale and keep the legendary home in the family. today, tuesday, may 21st, 2024. ♪♪ >> announcer: from nbc news,

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this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi there, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today" on a pretty day. nice to have you along with us on a tuesday morning. hoda is on assignment today. >> good to have you with us. busy tuesday morning, including that scene in iran that is playing out this morning. the country starting several days of funeral ceremonies for its president there. tens of thousands filling the streets for a procession, while investigators comb the crash scene for clues on what caused that chopper to go down. we'll have more on that in just a moment. but we begin with the trial of former president trump. the defense now presenting its case after the prosecution rested yesterday. and this is already led to a dramatic moment. the judge clearing the courtroom entirely to scold a key defense witness yesterday. nbc's senior legal correspondent laura jarett is here with details. laura, good morning. >> hey, savannah. good morning to you. bob costello was never on

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anyone's witness list. he is a tangential player in this case at best. his testimony is significant enough that the prosecution fought hard to keep it out, guys. and his whole attitude on the stand could have the defense team rethinking its strategy of recalling him at all. >> reporter: this morning, more testimony from the witness the judge nearly kicked off the stand. robert costello to rebut the testimony of michael cohen. costello describing how he briefly advised a panic-stricken cohen after the fbi raided his home and office in 2017. saying he told donald trump's former fixer to come clean with prosecutors, but testified that cohen told him, i swear to god, bob, i don't have anything on donald trump. a line that runs directly contrary to cohen's testimony at this trial, that trump directed cohen to pay off a p*rn star ahead of the 2016 election and then created a phony paper trial

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to cover it all up, which is the former president denies. >> we did nothing wrong, and i want to get back to campaigning. i'm representing millions and millions -- hundreds of millions of people. >> reporter: but it was costello's demeanor, audibly muttering as the judge sustained numerous objections to his testimony that led to an explosive courtroom confrontation. judge juan merchan sending the jury out of the room, telling costello, you don't give me side eye. things only escalating from there. the judge saying, quote, are you staring me down right now? ordering the courtroom cleared. reporters led out into the hallway. cohen told jurors he never trusted costello and didn't give him the full story at the time. but on cross-examine, cohen was forced to acknowledge he stole tens of thousands of dollars from the trump organization by seeking reimbursem*nt for more than he was owed at one point. outside court, this video shared on mr. trump's social media account drawing attention. >> what happens after donald trump wins?

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>> reporter: the 30-second clip using a term associated with germany's nazi government referring to the creation of a unified rank among fictionalized newspaper headlines covering a trump victory in november. now, when asked about that post online, the trump campaign said, quote, this was not a campaign video. it was created by a random account online and re-posted by a staffer who clearly did not see the word while the president was in court. meanwhile, back in court, the defense moved to dismiss this entire case, arguing mr. trump's testimony simply cannot be believed. the judge did not seem inclined to take it out of the jury's hands right now saying, do you think he's going to fool 12 new yorkers? >> what a day in new york. >> extraordinary. >> the judge got irritated with this defense witness. clears everyone out of the of the room to scold him, essentially. why is this witness important to the case? as you said, he wasn't on anyone's witness list to start. >> i didn't think he would be called because he's really a double edged sword. the defense wants him because he calls into question cohen's

7:07 am

credibility. he's telling the story about cohen essentially saying i don't have anything on donald trump. where as the jury heard that he had plenty on donald trump. they're using him for that purpose. he also could be a benefit to the prosecution because he's there to say, essentially, there was a back channel and he was trying to convince cohen not to flip on the former president. and so the prosecution wants him there to sort of make this whole thing just seem shady. and it's unclear which way he's going to be punished -- which side he's going to punish more for all of this. not clear how it all shakes out. >> laura, thank you. >> yes. we turn to the major story that's happening right now. the nation of iran starting five days of mourning after a death of its president in a helicopter crash with a massive funeral procession there. nbc's chief international correspondent keir simmons is watching all of it for us. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning to you. as we speak, there are huge crowds on the streets. that city in iran where that funeral is getting underway this morning.

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and, craig, at the very same time, continuing evidence of the ruthlessness of the iranian regime. the prosecutor vowing to take action against anyone that criticizes the late president. this morning iranians lining the streets for the president's funeral. a series of ceremonies lasting days. crowds carrying flags and pictures reaching out to touch the coffins of raisi and the others officials killed on a slow-moving truck. beginning in a city close to the scene of the crash, it will move to teheran tonight and then to a burial at his hometown. television reporters reaching the wreckage of the helicopter, broken apart in fog in the mountainous terrain. this instagram video capturing the moment rescuers arrived at the crash site. found it, found it, one shouts. then the grim reality takes hold. they cry out, pray and sob. before the helicopter was located, the u.s. says iran

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reached out for help. a moment of diplomacy amid tense relations between the two nations. the state department saying ultimately it couldn't help for logistical reasons. but as news of president raisi's death brought tears in teheran. there were celebrations outside embassies in the west. he was a hard liner that crushed women's protests years ago. >> some of the worst human rights abuses occurred during his tenure as president, especially the human rights abuses against the women and girls of iran. that said, we regret any loss of life. >> reporter: iran racing to signal debillty. raisi was talked about a possible successor to the 85-year-old supreme leader. but it is an opaque process. and an adviser to the president suggesting to nbc news he was not an official candidate. >> contrary to what some people in the west were saying, he was

7:10 am

not any candidate for the position of leader. >> reporter: he says there will be no change in foreign policy, while a date for new presidential elections has been quickly set, late june. >> so just a few weeks from now. keir, the world has had a day now to react to this sudden news. any indication that there could be a shift in diplomacy in the wake of all this. any idea? >> reporter: craig, this is ongoing, a complex region. that news from the u.s. that iran reached out for help, according to the state department, that is pretty stunning. suggests perhaps there is just the possibility of some kind of diplomacy. gulf countries here, including saudi arabia, have been sending condolences. that suggests an attempt by iran's adversaries to try to deescalate. at the same time, craig, the kremlin saying that president

7:11 am

putin spoke to the new interim president almost immediately. the kremlin emphasizing that putin has met him many times. that will not be welcomed in washington, craig. >> all right. our chief international correspondent, keir simmons for us there. keir, thank you. this morning president biden and israel's benjamin netanyahu are slamming a move by the world's top war crimes court to seek an arrest warrant for war crimes in gaza. nbc's raf sanchez joins us from tel aviv this morning. raf, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. israel had been dreading this announcement from the prosecutor of the international criminal court for weeks, but was unable to stop it. and today, prime minister benjamin netanyahu at risk of joining vladimir putin in a club of world leaders facing arrest for alleged war crimes. both israel and the united states are pushing back hard. >> the president of the united states -- >> reporter: president biden emphasizing his support for

7:12 am

israel last night and pushing back on allegations it's committing genocide in gaza. >> it's clear what's happening is not genocide. i reject that. >> reporter: the president also condemning the international criminal court, after prosecutors announce they're seeking the arrest of prime minister benjamin netanyahu and israel's defense minister on allegations of war crimes in gaza. >> let me be clear. we reject the icc's application of arrest of arrest warrants against israeli leaders. there is no equivalence between israel and hamas. >> reporter: prosecutor khan also seeking the arrest of the alleged master mind of the october 7th attack and two other hamas leaders. outlining charges, including murder, rape, torture, and hostage taking. hamas condemning the court in response. >> hostages must be released immediately. >> reporter: the charges against

7:13 am

israel include deliberately starving the people of gaza by choking off food supplies and intentionally targeting civilians. >> these crimes were committed in the context of the ongoing armed conflict and as part of a widespread and systemic attack against the civilian population of gaza. >> reporter: netanyahu calling the allegations -- >> a twisted and false war moral equivalence between the leaders of israel and the henchmen of hamas. this is like creating a moral equivalence after september 11th between president bush and osama bin laden. >> reporter: the war in gaza now raging under the shadow of the court. now, republican senators including lindsey graham are threatening sanctions against both the prosecutor and the court in response to those charges against israel. in terms of the legal process, it is now up to judges at the icc to decide whether to actually issue those arrest warrants. if they do, netanyahu could in

7:14 am

theory face arrest in any nation that is signed up to the court, and that includes most of europe. savannah? >> raf sanchez, thank you. back here this morning, the environmental protection agency is out with a new warning about the safety of our drinking water. the epa issuing an urgent alert over heightened cybersecurity threats to the nation's water utilities, especially in small communities. nbc's ryan nobles is falling this for us. so, ryan, good morning to you. first of all, how significant of a warning is this? >> yeah, craig, good morning. it is a very concerning one. the agency says more than 70% of the water systems they inspected do not comply with requirements of the safe drinking water act d and violate standards. designed to prevent breeches or inintrusions. some have critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities. they say these threats and attacks have been increasing in number and severity. and it is an especially big problem for small town water systems, which present an

7:15 am

inviting opportunity for bad actors to attack weakly protected infrastructure. systems in bigger cities tend to have more robust cyber protection systems. and the epa says it plans to also step up inspections nationwide and is recommending a variety of security measures, including changing default passwords, developing risk assessment plans, and setting up backup systems. craig? >> ryan, 70% is significant. any idea at this point who might be behind these cyberattacks? >> reporter: yeah. the epa has identified china, russia and iran as the main culprits trying to disability critical infrastructure including water systems. and it's happened quite frequently. back in january, the small town of muleshoe, texas, was the victim of russian related hacking. thankfully, the water supply itself wasn't managed. the city manager of a nearby

7:16 am

small town reported that there were 37,000 attempts in just four days to get passed their firewall. that forced the city, craig, to up plug. craig? >> ryan nobles for us there in washington. ryan, thank you. the container ship that caused the collapse of baltimore's key bridge was removed from the city's harbor yesterday nearly two months after that crash. tugboats escorted the dolly back to port. its damaged bow still covered with steel trusles and manged concrete and the crew was still aboard, some 56 days later. the ship will now spend several weeks getting temporary repairs in baltimore before eventually heading to virginia. lots more to get to on this tuesday, including dangerous weather. mr. roker is tracking a new outbreak of severe storms while a surge of summer-like temperatures is expanding nearly coast to coast. al, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. good to see you. good to see you. hope your air-conditioning is working. we hope our friends in texas have their power back. look at these heat indexes right through texas. triple digits in san antonio,

7:17 am

houston, corpus christi. 110 is what it will feel like in brownsville on thursday. scattered record highs today from burlington, vermont down to houston. st. louis, pittsburgh, knoxville, we could be looking at record setting temperatures. also severe weather right now. we have tornado warnings along the nebraska-iowa border, and we have tornado watches, severe thunderstorm watches and warnings as well as very severe weather pushes through today into tonight, downed trees, power lines, possible. that damage, we're looking for a moderate risk of severe weather. stretching from kansas city, davenport, des moines, in fact, this area in pink, that's where we have the risk of ef-2 tornadoes and strong winds and hail. tomorrow that system moves further to the east. we're looking at a risk again of more severe weather down to dallas and texas. but severe weather all the way up into the northeast possible. and damaging hail. little rock as well. and then we get into thursday.

7:18 am

16 million people at risk. northeast corridor also into the mid-plains. rain fall amounts anywhere from three to five inches. and some places in the midwest. we will get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. gentlemen, it's a beautiful... to fly.

7:19 am

weather. guys? al, thank you. astel head this morning, amal clooney's work as a prominent war crimes, in recommending the arrest warrants fwr the leaders of israel and hamas. we will take a closer look and tell you what she is saying about the decision. also, good news for shoppers this morning. prices going up for some time now. this morning target ready to slash prices on thousands of every day items. what you need to know before you head to your local store. but, first, this is "today" on nbc.

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coming up, a high-profile showdown over artificial

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today in the bay. bob redell is live at the scene. bob have you learned anything new, not since we last spoke, which was about a half hour ago. we can tell you that fremont boulevard is still shut down between thornton and peralta here because of this deadly car crash. you can see what happened there. that car hit this tree. this was 1230 this morning, roughly, and it crashed in front of the bogies. discount pet food and supply. and unfortunately, the car caught fire. fremont police tells us that they were able to get one person out, but the second person was in the car, did pass away. and we believe that that person is still in here. coroner has not arrived on the scene and the father of the man, the young man who was in the car, who's been out here is very upset. he told me that it's my son and in his spanish he said they could have taken him out, but they let him burn. as we said earlier, we have no reason to believe that the fire department didn't do everything in their power to save his son. reporting live here in fremont, bob redell nbc, bay area news. all right. tragic situation

7:28 am

there. thank you bob. let's switch gears and get a look at the forecast for this tuesday. a little warmer today, carrie. yeah. some of our valleys are going to see temperatures in the low to mid 80s. we're up to 86 in concord today. one of the warmer spots, but mostly low 80s for much of the north bay. and san francisco will reach a high of 71. and then we start the cooling trend tomorrow with highs in the upper 70s. for san jose, it's going to be really nice through the end of the week, laura. all right. thank you. don't forget you can join us for our today in the bay live streaming newscast at 8 a.m. we speak live with real estate expert with tips for first time home buyers, hoping to make it in the

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it's now at the center of a legal fight and endanger of being sold as a foreclosure auction. we'll tell you where this all stands and what elvis' family is saying about it. >> especially his granddaughter. it is an interesting story. with hoda on assignment, sheinelle jones is here. good to see you here early. >> good morning, guys. first up this half hour, more on this decision by the international criminal court to seek arrest warrants for the leaders of israel and hamas other alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in gaza. >> as we mentioned, human rights attorney, amal clooney, wife of george clooney, was among the group of experts that advised the court. this morning she is speaking out. >> kelly cobiella joins us with. that's right. not only married to a lister george clooney, she is also a high le respected international human rights attorney. on monday, she revealed she is part of that expert panel that

7:32 am

signed off on the prosecutor's decision to bring war crimes charges against benjamin netanyahu and top u.s. leaders. president biden calling the charges against israeli leaders outrageous. amal >> mr. and mrs. clooney. >> reporter: amal clooney in the spotlight again, not for her marriage to george clooney or her glamorous red carpet style, but as her role in the international court in the netherlands. the icc's chief prosecutor requesting arrest warrants for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, israel's defense minister and three senior hamas leaders for alleged war crimes, amal clooney writing, the law that protects civilians in war was developed more than 100 years ago, and it applies in every country in the world, regardless of the reason for a conflict. adding, i will never accept that one child's life has less value than another's. this is just the latest high-profile legal case for clooney, who is a barrister and member of a well-respected british law firm.

7:33 am

she once represented wikileaks founder julian assange in his fight to avoid extradition to sweden on sex crimes charges. more recently, she called on the u.n. and u.s. to do more to stop reported war crimes in ukraine. >> ukraine is today a slaughterhouse, right in the heart of europe. >> she has also investigated atrocities in syria, darfur and iraq, sitting down in 2016 to explain what drives her with nbc. >> i believe in international justice. i believe it is important that you don't just turn the page account. >> reporter: the gravity of her day job in contrast to her leading man husband, prompting a memorable moment at the 2015 amr who worked on golden globes. >> amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the enron case, was an adviser to kofi annan in regarding syria and selected for a three-person u.n. commission investigating rules of war violations in the gaza strip.

7:34 am

so tonight, her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award. >> reporter: the 46-year-old mother of 6-year-old twins rarely gives interviews, preferring to focus on her work and her young children. she made an exception in 2018 when george was honored by the american film institute. >> what i have found with you is the great love that i always hoped existed. >> reporter: one of the world's most glamorous women now taking a strong stance on the conflict in the middle east. >> so as this goes forward, kelly, what role might amal play? >> reporter: well, she said in her statement that she wasn't going to give a running commentary on her work. the u.s. and israel, neither of them recognize the jurisdiction of the icc. so in some ways, this is a symbolic move to a point. but, look, amal clooney has been under incredible pressure online, anyway, to take a stand in this conflict, given her background, her middle eastern background.

7:35 am

lots of folks on the pro palestinian side urging her to take sides. this gives her a chance to speak publicly about the conflict without necessarily taking sides, letting her work do the talking for her. she said in that statement, i do not accept that any conflict should be beyond the reach of the law. savannah? >> all right. kelly cobiella in london for us. thank you. still ahead here, a big change in the works when it comes to those prescription drug ads, you know, the ones that typically end with a rapid fire list of side effects and disclaimers. we will show you what's being done to make them much easier to understand. plus, vicky nguyen is here with news you want to hear when it comes to soaring consumer prices. good morning. >> good morning. the retailer target is slash ing prices on thousands of consumer staples. they want to get you back in the store buying goods, not just experiences. plus, i will tell you where you can save in time for summer. that's right here on "today."

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7:40 am

>> target just announced it is . your next trip down the aisles at target might have your wallet hurting a little less. >> reporter: this morning, new discounts in aisles across america -- >> what we value most, shouldn't cost more. >> reporter: with target hoping for hot summer sales now lowering the prices of 1,500 items, with thousands more ahead in the coming months. many of the deals include groceries and family staples like milk, meat, bread, diapers, papers, fresh fruit and vegetables, pet food. for example, target's store grand organic baby spinach will drop to $2.99, a 30 cent savings and wipes $5.79 to lower. 4.99, a savings of 80 cents. what's behind this decision by target? >> consumers have been showing very strong price fatigue >> reporter: target going after dollar tree, which recently told investors it will feature items up to $7. >> okay. change the name. wealthy tree, fortune tree.

7:41 am

>> reporter: and walmart despite reporting more high income customers, revealing shoppers are being more selective with their purchases. their cfo telling cnbc wallets are still stretched. with stricter budgets heading into the warmer months, many americans are anxious for prices to cool off. >> i just paid $6 for these grapes. this is crazy. >> reporter: now major retailers and chains are responding, looking for ways to satisfy inflation weary customers. >> when did mcdonald's get so expensive? >> reporter: last week mcdonald's announced it's introducing a limited edition $5 value meal at the end of june. >> so you get a drink, all the giant entree and a side starting at $5.99. >> reporter: discounted dishes with consumers hungry for a deal. >> i think a lot of retailers that are now cutting prices are advertising new deals to sort of offer themselves as presenting

7:42 am

better value to customers. >> yeah, listen, it is really good to see so many retailers and restaurants actually trying to fight inflation by lowering their prices. with target, though, is there a specific shopper that they are trying to draw in with this announcement? >> yeah. the analysts at morning consult said it really is millennials. that is the target core group of shoppers. what they're seeing is millenials are spending less because this year student loan repayments have resumed and millennials are getting squeezed. they're trying to buy a house or start a family. something else that's interesting from the data, last summer we had a lot of summer splurging on experience, travel. concert tickets. that is expected to continue this summer, but only with high-income earners, the people making 100k or above. last year it was fuelled by middle-income earners but they are also starting to pull back because of inflation. >> so interesting. >> thank you, vicky. >> thank you, vick. >> let us get another check of the weather with al. >> exactly. and it's free, so it is not costing you anything. it's got sound, and it's in

7:43 am

color. that's quality television. we are looking at temperatures highs 10 to 20 degrees below average. behind this front ahead of it, warmer temperatures. 10 to 20 degrees above average. look at some of these temperatures today. memphis 90. washington, d.c. 84. rochester, new york, 89. but behind it, kasper, wyoming, you are almost 25 degrees below average. grand junction, colorado minus 11 degrees. below average. and tomorrow, again, kind of cool, duluth and bismarck. cleveland, you are looking good. 13 degrees above average. new york city mid-80s. same thing in minneapolis. and el kins, west virginia. look right into the weekend. temperatures stay warm. new york city upper 70s to low 80s into the weekend. charlotte, you're in the upper 80s. cincinnati by saturday 84 degrees. you are in the mid-80s right into the weekend.

7:44 am

that's what's going on around weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you. coming up next, an inside look at the newest ai controversy that has scarlett johansson fighting back this morning. kaylee hartung on the story. >> hey, guys. so the actress who famously played abai system in the mury "her" said she was in disbelief when chatgpt unveiled its new virtual assistant. coming up, hear for yourself the voice that scarlett johansson says early similar to her own. >> and we have a morning boost coming up right after this.

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7:49 am

agreed to take the voice sky down only after she hired legal counsel. this morning a warning from hollywood. actress scarlett johansson saying this voice used by sky -- >> hello. i'm really excited about teaming up with you. >> reporter: sounds, quote, early similar to her own. >> hi. how are you doing? >> reporter: the actress famously played an artificial intelligence system in the movie "her" in 2013. >> do you have the name? >> yes. samantha. >> reporter: now warning tech is imitating art too closely. >> a virtual assistance that can help answer questions. >> reporter: johansson says sam altman, open ai, wanted to hire her to voice sky but that she declined the offer due to personal reasons. the voice, she was shocked, angered and in disbelief. she points out altman tweeted a single word "her," the day the product was announced.

7:50 am

the actress telling nbc news when she later heard the ai voice, she was shocked, angered and in disbelief. she points out ultman insinuated the intentional similarity when he tweeted a single word, her. the data chatgpt product was announced. altman said "her" is his favorite movie about ai. >> i think "her" got something deeply right on the interface and that's no small feat. >> reporter: once the voice was released m on social media immediately picking up on the resemblance between the two voices. >> is your voice supposed to be scarlett johansson? >> no, my voice isn't designed to replicate scarlett johansson or any specific person. >> reporter: open ai categorically denies the allegations. saying the company cast the voice actor behind sky before reaching out to scarlett johansson. altman added it was never intended to resemble her's. out of respect mrs. johansson's we have paused using sky's voice in our products. this comes as artificial intelligence faced increasing criticism over the use of deep fakes. >> lawmakers have been extremely concerned about deep fakes. deep fake audio and video where you're able to take somebody's

7:51 am

voice and make it say whatever you want. >> again, this is just the latest controversy at openai. a number of employees left the company recently over what they call conflicting priorities. and many have accused open ai of not being transparent where they're getting the data to train their models. no surprise, guys, scarlett johansson's legal team wants details on how they created that voice that sounds just like her. >> it sounds just like her, yeah. >> looks like a slippery slope where we're going with all of this. >> more like a cliff. >> yeah, really. exactly. all right. hoda is on assignment. sg, you're next in line for boost duty. >> super cute one. the toddler you are about to see really, really loves her grandma. when it is time for her to go >> i love you! i love you! >> i love you! >> i love you. >> i love you. >> a kiss? ready? right here. give me a kissy.

7:52 am

i love you. >> i love you! >> i love you, bye! >> grandma is still there. >> she said, this is the best part of being a grandma. you know what else is the best part? she literally lives next door. >> >> no! are you serious? you can see her walking. she's walking her to her house. >> she lives next door. >> so cute. >> that was a good one. all right. that's tough to beat. coming up, kevin costner making headlines. what he's revealing about his "yellowstone" exit. and the drama that surrounded it. that and more on "popstart" after your local news. >> i love you, bye! like doors opening wherever i go... [sound of airplane overhead] even the ground is moving for me! y'all seeing this? wild! and i don't even have to activate anything. oooooohhh... automatic sashimi! earn cash back that automatically adjusts to how you spend with the citi custom cash® card.

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7:57 am

employees as independent contractors. those opposing prop 22 say it does not offer sufficient protection and compensation for workers. supporters of the proposition, however, say it was approved by voters and reflect the majority's position on the issue. a rally is expected outside the courthouse that will begin at 1230 this afternoon, followed by argument arguments at the state supreme court at 130. again, make sure to join us for today in the bay live streaming newscast in just minutes. but first, the forecast . yeah, we're starting out with sunshine. looks a little hazy up in san rafael, but we're starting out with some mild temperatures and it's going to be heating up very quickly and will be above what we typically see on this date. so in santa rosa, we're used to seeing some mid 70s, but we're looking at a high of 84 today. warmer temperatures today. but cooling down. and we'll be checking that out laura marcus all right. thanks so much carrie. and don't forget our streaming newscast coming up for you in just minutes. it starts at 8:00.

7:58 am

we'll be back on the scene of that fiery, deadly crash overnight in fremont. you can watch on roku, amazon fire tv, xumo, and streaming platforms including nbc bay area dot com, (♪♪)

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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, resting its case. the prosecution in the criminal trial of former president trump

8:01 am

finishes as a dramatic day in court unfolds. the judge admonishing a witness for the defense, clearing the courtroom. closing arguments now delayed until next week. we'll have the very latest. plus, ad transparency. the new push to make those confusing, often scary prescription drug commercials that spent a lot of time laying out all those side effects clearer for consumers. >> the medicine is not going to cause all those side effects. the medicine can cause all of those side effects. i think that that's a major, major nuance. >> just ahead, when you will see the new changes. then estate battle. the iconic graceland in danger of foreclosure this week. elvis' movie star granddaughtert ahead. and opening up. kevin costner finally chairing his side of the story. why he says he left "yellowstone" and what he's saying about one of his most

8:02 am

iconic roles. >> this little movie in the corn got me all the way. and suddenly it wasn't a movie anymore. it was truth. >> all that and more in "popstart," today, tuesday, may 4th, 2024. >> here for mom's 60 in kansas. >> go cardinals! >> friends for 40 years. >> sending love to our niece and nephews. >> hi to our hometown in iowa! >> from new mexico. >> manhattan, kansas. >> hi to our grandma back in new orleans. >> we love you! ♪ >> sisters' trip to new york city. >> on our anniversary trip from mount vernon, washington, celebrating 30 years! hi, everybody. good morning. welcome back to "today," tuesday morning. nice to have you along with us on a beautiful day on our plaza.

8:03 am

lots of waves. lots of smiles. hoda is on assignment. we have sheinelle coming in early. >> good morning. let's get to your news at 8:00. we start with fireworks in court at former president trump's criminal trial. the defense calling its first witnesses. that led to a clash with the judge. nbc's senior legal correspondent laura jarett has the details. laura, good morning. >> hey, good morning, guys. it was an explosive courtroom confrontation, not between the lawyers in this trial, but a witness clashing with the judge. the defense calling robert costello, former federal prosecutor, to the stand. now, he's there to rebut the testimony of michael cohen, who he says told him years ago, cohen had, quote, nothing on donald trump. that's an admission that, if true, would cast doubt on alle this case. things went off the rails fast cohen's entire story, tieing mr. trump to the alleged crimes in this case. things went off the rails fast after costello's passing remarks on the stand irked the judge so much that it escalated to the point where the judge told him

8:04 am

to stop rolling his eyes and cleared the courtroom. mr. costello is expected back on the witness stand today for more cross-examination, guys. >> laura, thank you. meanwhile, iran started funeral processions today for its president following that fatal helicopter crash over the weekend that him, iran's foreign minister and six others were killed in. iranians are lining the streets there. the first in a series of ceremonies that will last several days. the processions starting in a city close to the scene of the crash. it will move to teheran tonight and then to a burial in the president's hometown. iran left searching for stability, a date for presidential elections has been set for late june. more breaking news this morning. one person has died aboard a singapore airlines flight after it encountered severe turbulence. dozens of others were hurt. the boeing 777 made an emergency landing in bangkok. the flight was on its way from london to singapore with 211 passengers on board when it unexpectedly hit -- unexpected rough air. well, they are seemingly

8:05 am

everywhere, ads for medication touting treatments for everything from weight loss to hair loss to eczema, what about all the confusing rapid-fire disclaimers on the ads. liz kreutz joins us with what you really need to know. hi, liz, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah good morning to you. we've all been there. you are locked in watching a big game or show and it cuts to a commercial and an advertisem*nt followed by a drug commercial. it can confusing, scary, well now the fda is requiring commercials to more clearly spell out potential side effects and when a person should avoid seemingly during every commercial break, ads promoting the virtues of some new drug. nearly all ending with a dizzying list of side effects.

8:06 am

the some quite serious. >> elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. >> reporter: the dev vi of side effects often leave consumers concerned and confused. >> oh my god. i wish i could remember the list of the side effects, but my lord -- >> the medicine is not going to cause all those side effects. the medicine can cause all of those side effects. and i think that that's a major, major nuance. >> reporter: now, a new era in medical advertising, as the fda's new transparency rule takes effect, setting out five general standards to help ensure these medical ads are clearer and not misleading. side effects must be clearly spelled out in language that is consumer friendly. tv ads must present drug information with audio and video at the same time. gone are those rapid fire disclosures. on screen texts must be easy to read and nothing should distract from understanding the major side effects. the new rule applies to pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and distributors

8:07 am

of prescription drugs, but does not address the flood of potentially misleading content on social media. nbc news reached out to eight drug manufacturers. makers of dupixent responding saying in part their advertising keeps consumers well informed about their medicines and vaccines and adheres to all applicable rules and regulations. in guiding principles, big pharma laid out in 2018, they say their prescription medicine ads provide accurate, useful health information to patients and consumers. >> no matter how far the fda tries to go with this, nothing will replace a conversation that a patient is going to have with their doctor. on how a drug works or precisely which patients benefit from taking it, which is another reason you should consult with your doctor. drug makers have six months to come into compliance with this new rule. one thing that's still unknown

8:08 am

is how aggressively the fda will enforce the requirements. savannah? >> that's the question. liz, thank you. now to a dramatic rescue off the coast of boca raton, florida. three good samaritans jumping into the ocean after they heard a cry for help. a teenage boy struggling to his head above water there. caught in a rip current. the three guys were able to reach the boy, pull him back to safety. seth stern says he has no normal life guard training, but he has two children of his own, and his instincts just kicked in. >> i did what any parents would do, i jumped in. i have cuts and scrapes all other my body. but if that's the price to pay to save a life, i would do it again without second guessing. >> those dad instincts just kicked in. thankfully, all the people involved, including that teenager are just fine this morning. >> that's amazing. >> three little angels there. well, just ahead, the fight over the future of graceland. elvis' granddaughter moving to block the impending sale. we'll have details.

8:09 am

first, though, we are going to save you time, we're going to save you money, we're going to save you aggravation as well as we head into the memorial day weekend and summer of travel. all the expert tips you need to know in a new today's 5 things. that's right after this. ♪ and watch me move ♪ ♪ ♪ for you ♪ ♪ move ♪ ♪ ♪ move ♪ ♪ and watch me move ♪ ♪ maybe you should settle down ♪ ♪ and watch me move ♪ (♪♪) when life spells heartburn... how do you spell relief? r-o-l-a-i-d-s rolaids' dual-active formula begins to neutralize acid on contact. r-o-l-a-i-d-s spells relief. shake up your shower with a flavor for every feeling.

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8:12 am

of the nose and throat, insomnia and sleepiness. ♪as you go with austedo♪ ask your doctor for austedo xr. ♪austedo xr♪ ♪ new "today's five things." with memorial day weekend on the way, we're focussing on summer travel with experts ready to share this morning what they would never do when it comes to flights, road trips and to cruises. so we'll start in the air with travel expert hailey berg, chief economist at hopper. hi, hailey, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's get right to it. you would never depart after 10:00 a.m. early bird gets the worm, i guess.

8:13 am

>> early bird gets the worm. if you leave after 10:00 a.m., you are two times more likely to be delayed or cancelled. save yourself the headache and get out early. >> and if you get out early and something goes wrong, there is more options. >> plenty of options to rebook. >> okay. you would never spend hours searching for the lowest airfare. why not? >> we all feel we need to spend a ton of time getting the lowest price. let big data machine learning do the work for you. get notified when prices are at their lowest and you can go on and book. >> you can put on a flight that you are watching, and it will alert you. >> the exact trip. rather than using the book on a tuesday or 6:00 a.m., get advice on your exact trip. >> okay. you say you would never pick the destination over the deal. this is interesting. explain. >> we often get really fixated on a specific place we want to visit. but sometimes those are the most expensive. take asia, very hot region for american travelers. if you go to seoul or hong kong, you will pay about $500 more than if you switch that out for singapore or tokyo. go where the deals are so you

8:14 am

can stretch that further. >> that works for european cities, too. instead of expensive. a disruption plan. how can you plan that? >> you have to plan for disruption. during the summer, we see 60% more delays and cancellations. it's probably going to happen. so, first, at booking, i add a disruption assistance plan so i have real-time options. if i am delayed or canceled, i sign up for alerts and i know what other flights are going to my destination. >> is that different from the insurance? they're always asking you to buy? >> it is different from insurance. it is very specific. if you are disrupted and you don't have any options, you can use a disruption assistance plan to rebook on any available flight or get a refund because you might need those funds to book a hotel or something different. >> okay. finally, you would never skip the fine print. i do. i skip the fine print all the time. >> this is important. you have to know what's included in your fare so there are no surprises when you get to the airport. and you don't have seat selection or baggage included.

8:15 am

we often go for those basic fares because they're so expensive, but they might not have everything you need. always look at what's included. >> okay. hailey, thank you so much. craig, over to you. >> savannah, thank you. >> i'm here with cnbc's seema mody. seema has great advice for anyone who might be taking a road trip. i have friends like this, i'm going to hit the road and see where the car takes me. you say, that's a terrible idea. you would never start a road trip without a plan? >> yeah, craig, there is this common misconception, if you're getting on a road trip, you don't need a plan. do not fall for that trap, craig. fill your tank of gas the night before. pack a cooler with food, drinks, snacks. not only healthier, economical. or opt for fast food. >> and the cooler thing is especially true for children. >> yes. >> next up, you would never hit the road after 4:00 p.m. why not? >> especially coming into this

8:16 am

long weekend, aaa says the best times to travel on thurs that way you're not is before 1. the worst time is between 12 and 6:00 p.m. because you're going to hit rush hour. >> no matter where you are. >> no matter where you are or where you're going. >> you would never get on the road without a clek-up, checking the car. >> we want not only a smooth ride but a safe ride. examine your tire pressure, wiper liquid, tires, your sensors, lights, make sure everything is working before you get on the road. last thing you want to do is have to pull over, right? >> i find this next one very interesting. seema, would never rent a car from the airport? >> provocative, right? >> yeah. >> there is data that shows you can save $130 by renting a car from a downtown location versus an airport. the airport, craig, charges a rental car company a fee, which they then pass on to you. again, you can save money by renting downtown versus the airport. and the other experts we spoke to say there's another benefit here, you get better inventory and usually shorter lines as

8:17 am

well. >> huh. you taught me something new. never forget to enjoy the ride. >> you have to. specially this summer, craig, the big trend is experiences. less about where you're going but what you're doing on the trip. so familiarize yourself with national monuments, parks, viewpoints that could be along the way. it's a great way to, you know, create new memories a fun way with your family. >> al roker loves a national park. seema-mody, thank you. sheinelle? >> i love that. let's close out today's five things with colleen, the editor-in-chief at "cruise critic." good morning. this makes sense, even though i'm guilty. never book based on fare alone. >> yeah. this is a big one. i would never book a cruise based solely on price.e where y reviews from experts or fellow cruisers just like you. >> because people see a deal and

8:18 am

then they book it because it is cheaper. >> you need to have things included, too. >> they say and the reason is, there is a o sailing, which makes sense. >> maybe this is just my own personal padlock. they do. instead, fly in a day or two before. that way you get time to explore the city, you can visit the port at your lee sure and won't be rushed. you spent a big amount of money on this vacation. it would be table to see it sidetracked. >> i've been on planes with people who missed their flight or flight is delayed and missed getting on the cruise because it takes off. you know, just cutting it close. never board without a cruise carry-on. what do you mean by that? >> cruising it works different. you show up to the port. you have your big bag with your vacation stuff in it. then you got the carry-on. hand off your big bag to the porter and magically makes its way on to the cruise ship. it might be a couple hours before you actually see it. so having a well-prepared carry on with items like sunscreen, change of clothes and the swim suit can really help you get your vacation started. >> you can enjoy yourself. >> exactly. >> next one you say never wait

8:19 am

to book on board reservations. what do you mean by that? >> things on a cruise that are not included. that might include like a shore excursion or dinner at a specialty dining experience. if you have your heart set on an excursion, you have to book it before you get on board because there's nothing more disappointing than having your heart set on something and then it's sold out. so, book those things ahead of time. >> all right. and finally, a lot of you guys said this, never forget to read the rules and regulations. >> yeah. cruising is a little bit different animal. there are things that are simply not allowed on board that might include a clothes iron or alcohol. additionally, when you visit ports, there are local laws and customs that you really need to be aware of. do your research and find out what those are. >> thanks to all of our experts today. check out their full list of summer travel tips on our website at oh, al? >> oh, sheinelle. heat advisories, record heat down through texas with those heat advisories and the heat indexes feeling like triple digits. a big storm outbreak in the

8:20 am

upper midwest. summer highs in the east. out west, plenty of sunshine but some mountain snows in the northern rockies. that's what's goin that's the latest weather. best time of the morning. "popstart." >> all right. let's do it. first up, graceland in danger of foreclosure. a public auction had been scheduled for later this week with elvis' granddaughter and sole heir is fighting back. nbc's emilie ikeda has more. good morning to you. >> hey, guys.

8:21 am

a lot of twists and turns with this one. a public post alleges elvis' late daughter lisa marie used the home as collateral for a loan years ago that was never repaid. now they are heading to court to fight for graceland. she said the documents were forged. >> reporter: this morning, the legendary graceland estate in memphis, once home to the king of rock n roll, now at the center of a new legal battle. according to a public notice, published earlier this month, elvis' only daughter allegedly took out a $3.8 million loan from a missouri private investment firm in 2018. offering the deed to graceland as collateral. now the property risks being h bidder as of this week. riley keough challenging the sale. she claims her mother never borrowed any money and that the documents presented by the

8:22 am

company are fraudulent, adding while the auctioned off to the highest the signatures that look like the signatures of lisa marie presley, she did not, in fact, sign the documents. nbc news has reached out to the investment firm involved, but has not heard back. ♪ back in 1957, the then 22-year-old elvis presley purchased the mansion around the time of his hit "jailhouse rock." ♪ ♪ everybody let's rock ♪ >> reporter: surrounded by over 13 acres of land and fenced in by the famous music gates, now more than 600,000 people visit the iconic musical landmark each year. >> as far as what people consider home, this was our home. >> priscilla presley tell jenna bush hager what living at graceland meant at elvis. >> behind the gates he could just be where it was.

8:23 am

>> they settled a months long dispute over her financial trust and estate. elvis' own granddaughter fighting for the home that still carries the memories and legacy of the music icon. >> and overnight, priscilla presley calling the foreclosure sale a scam on social media and elvis prezly enterprises says a counterlawsuit has been filed. we reached out the the keog's lawyers they cannot comment on pending litigation. >> all right. >> keep us posted. next up, christopher reeve, a documentary about the late hollywood legend is headed to theaters. superman, the christopher reaves story is set to follow his rise became quad ra pa leaguic following a horse to stardom and journey to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. in the mid '90s the actor passed away in 2004 became quadriplegic

8:24 am

following a horse riding accident. it is slated to hit theaters in september for two days only in honor of reeves' birthday. while the press tour for kevin costner continues, the actor is speaking out again on the future of "yellowstone" delays have been in part due to the shooting schedule of his new film. he offered the show a variety of solutions to finish the fifth season, but saying the scripts never came. they still haven't shot it. as far as i know, the scripts never came. continuing, at one point they said to me that we don't have an ending or anything. proposing his own conclusion to john denton's story, costner told the magazine, i said, well, if you want to kill me, do something like that, i have a week before i start. i'll do what you want to do. according to gq, a spokesperson for paramount network refuted costner's account of this conversation. meanwhile, in a new video published with that interview, the oscar winner takes a look back at some of his most beloved big screen pictures, sharing these sweet words on the '89 classic "field of dreams".

8:25 am

>> its journey took you to a place where you look and you saw your father. and it's biblical for things that go unsaid between father and son, between mother and daughter. things we wish we would have said. and i thought, movies can be about that. so, if you were looking for the car crash, if you were looking for the gunfight, you'll walk right by things like "field of dreams". >> it's so good. >> i heard the music for one second, got weepy. >> that's my favorite costner film. >> so good. >> finally, shall we talk about "the voice" carson is getting ready to wrap up another all star season. last night she was joined by keith urban to help kick off part one of the season 29 -- 25 finale. teams dan and shea, reba and legend still in the running. and with the title on the line, the top five artists weren't holding anything back.

8:26 am

just take a listen to asher's rendition of this whitney houston's classic. love you ♪ and i will always love you ♪ ♪ i will always ♪ >> don't miss the season 25 finale two nights right here on nbc. >> well done. >> all right. still ahead, we're going to fire up the grill, folks. gabbie is here to get us ready for summer. got great recipes for that first cookout of the season perhaps. >> yeah. >> but first, your local news, weather and these quick messages. >> wings, savannah. >> bones with sauce. bones without sauce.

8:27 am

8:28 am

8:29 am

8:30 am

oh! we are back. welcome back at 8:30. it is a beautiful tuesday

8:31 am

morning here in new york city. so we are so excited to enjoy this enthusiastic crowd. how are we going, guys? wow! happy birthday, mom! >> guys, it is beautiful out here. >> it is so lovely. >> all the more beautiful because we have some of our dear friends from best buddies right across the plaza. this is a wonderful organization. we're shining a light on it today. we will share its work. we will talk to anthony about a new initiative that's carrying on the family legacy. >> i love it. >> you've been with them for a long time. >> yes, i am an ambassador for big buddies. these are our good friends. can't wait to hear more about that. >> today bestsellers you will lovato day like a simple but amazing hat for headache relief. >> oh, wow. and then speaking of bestsellers, we have chef and gk all about grilling. so we will share some timely recipes with memorial day weekend almost here. oh, yes. >> yum! >> by the way, folks, on the 3rd hour, we will do something

8:32 am

pretty cool all week. we will celebrate the class of 2024 with gra author gabby out with a new boo. so we'll start out with mr. roker's beloved oseugo. this particular graduate was a student in al's class. >> oh, wow. >> that's cool. >> did you give her a good grade? >> absolutely. >> do they call you professor roker? >> they call me many things. don't call me late for dinner. >> as i me trick late and educate about what's happening, let's show you on weekend. looking at sunny skies out west. southern heat friday. down through texas showers and storms. upper great lakes into the midwest, saturday that wet weather makes its way into the mid atlantic states. hot and dry through the southwest. severe storms central plains. sunday, sunday. look for some more severe storms, mississippi and ohio river valleys. record highs in texas and out

8:33 am

good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're going to see temperatures warming up today. some parts of the east bay and the north bay may hit the mid 80s. and then we cool it down to the low 50s. tonight we're back to the low 80s tomorrow, and we will be cooling down each day through the end of the week. looking at saturday, 67 degrees. and it's going to be a nice but cool memorial day weekend forecast going into san francisco as well as the and that is your latest weather. nice to see our sister trip. where are you all from? all from. that must be a heck of a trip. all right. oh, savannah? >> dallas. >> oklahoma. >> alabama, mississippi. >> not quite sure where you are all from. are you? that must be a heck of a trip. all right. oh, savannah? >> oh, al. where are we? oh, here. hi. rooifr is here to

8:34 am

coming up next, guys, anthony shriver is here to honor the legacy of his mother. eunice kennedy shriver. but, first, this is "today" on nbc.

8:35 am

8:36 am

we are back at 8:35. anthony shriver is here with a new program that supports families who have intellectual difficults. it's called eunis buddies. in honor of his mother, eunice kennedy shriver. she was the founder. she was a tireless advocate for change. good to see you. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> this is something different. for best buddies. >> yeah, it is a huge step in a new direction. when we first started, it focused on people with intellectual disabilities, and creating mentors for them. now we're moving over to support families, in particular parents, in particular mothers when they get diagnosed that they have a child with special needs when they become pregnant. it is a departure from what they did.

8:37 am

i'm super excited, it's super needed and really, really critically important for parents. >> it really is because we got to focus on the caregivers, those who are helping these individuals with intellectual disabilities live their best lives. it is so often the mom, the sister, the brother, the family. how does this support the family? >> well, it can be really overwhelming for a mom when she gets a diagnosis. sometimes they get it when they're 10 weeks pregnant, 30 weeks. sometimes they find out when the baby is born they have a baby with down syndrome. so we really are trying to create mentors for them who have been there before, that can offer them spiritual support, love, compassion and guidance and the tools necessary to figure out that new journey of their life because it's a surprise very often. be a great resource for those parents, and they will bring this baby into this world and realize their child has unlimited capacity to achieve and have success. >> there is so much possibility. i have been involved with best

8:38 am

buddies for a long time. my buddy tara. >> for over ten and it can be so overwhelming. that's where my heart for this really comes from. it is so different than when my uncle was born. you know, he was -- they used different words. it was so different what an individual with down syndrome or another intellectual disability could be expected to achieve. now it's really sky is the limit. >> it is huge. the success is incredible. we see it with best buddies. they have full time jobs making 30, $40,000 a year, living, integrated into the community, over 3,500 schools around the world. and giving them a seat at the table is really the challenge and the goal. to have them realize their full potential because god has a great gift for every single human being and we are enriched as a community when we really celebrate everybody's talents and everybody's gifts. that's what best buddies is about. >> we know your mom had a heart for this. and you did too. you started best buddies when you were a student at georgetown in 1985.

8:39 am

>> lucky me. you're anyoning me big time. >> so what gave you the heart for this? >> i love being around people with special needs. i love helping and giving back. it makes you feel so wonderful. you know when you're with your buddy how wonderful it makes you feel. i think if you can be a support system for someone and they realize their full potential because a little contribution you make in their life, what a gift to be able to do that and to serve. i wanted to do it when i was a young kid. i learned it from my mom. she served her aunt rose mary kennedy who was an inspiration to so many people in our family. so many people in our family is about service. once you start, it's hard not to be addicted and stay with it for a life time. >> you know i have to talk to you about politics. you are a big supporter of your cousin rfk junior's campaign. >> i am. junior's campaign. >> he's been incredible to so many people. he had a life of service himself. we all serve in different ways. i'm >> you're working for him as well? >> i'm volunteering. i helped him. he's been an incredible -- i

8:40 am

think inspiration to so many people. he had a life of service himself. i think we all serve in different ways. i'm serving through best buddies. my mom is serving through special olympics. he's chosen a political career. and i admire him enormously. it takes a lot out there to run for president of the united states. >> your family doesn't all agree. which you have a big irish catholic family. >> we do. >> some of his own siblings said if he runs, he'll be a spoiler. he can't win, but he will elevate one candidate or another. what do you say to that? >> i think if donald trump can win, anybody can win. and i think bobby has enormous gifts and enormous talent and enormous heart. i think anything is possible in this country. >> you think he could win? >> i absolutely do. i think he would be great. i think he would add a new voice, a new angle. a new perspective. i think he's super smart, really educated. >> what about some of the controversial stances he's taken? >> i don't agree with him on every single issue out there. i don't know any candidate that's ever run that ran, nobody agrees with everybody on everything. but i agree with him on a lot. i think his interest in doing things for the middle class, his

8:41 am

interest and his passion for the average person is really clear. and i think it resonates with many, many people. and i think he would be a great president. >> anthony shriver, thank you for your time this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. always. craig, over to you guys. >> all right, sg. up next, look who is here, adrianna brach put together a cannot miss today bestsellers. fix for the summer hair to the a slow network is no network for business. that's why more choose comcast business. and now, we're introducing ultimate speed for business —our fastest plans yet. we're up to 12 times faster than verizon, at&t, and t-mobile. and existing customers could even get up to triple the speeds... at no additional cost. it's ultimate speed for ultimate business. don't miss out on our fastest speed plans yet! switch to comcast business and get started for $49.99 a month. plus, ask how to get up to an $800 prepaid card. call today!

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8:43 am

♪ we are back at 8:42 now with "today's bestsellers." full of trending items you will probably love. many perfect for the summer months to come. our guide adrianna brach. shop today editorial. that's right below. good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, craig. you were just telling me, and i didn't believe you. but you insist this is the bestseller on amazon right now. >> yeah. you had a question about it

8:44 am

right now because you didn't know what is the difference folks, you know what to do. one? so the main difference between this one from the gym people, over 40,000 reviews is that it offers full coverage. >> okay. >> so this is a great bra if you're walking, if you're doing a high-intensity workout, it has medium support without wires or clasps, which you don't know this, but they're very uncomfortable. and we have a bunch of people who wore it different ways, working out, wear it under a cardigan and it also kind of doubles as sort of like a tank top if you're short enough. >> a dual-purpose sports bra, savannah. >> great. >> this is great from yoga to dressing up. >> these look like ordinary flip-flops but it's the material that makes them special? >> exactly. speaking of yoga mats, this is like wearing little yoga mats on your feet. the designs the foot bed with yoga mat foam. it has built-in arch support and they're really affordable, come in a bunch of different colors and sizes. looking for a flip-flop this summer, consider -- >> these interest flip-flops.

8:45 am

>> consider these. >> i got excited when i saw this. you make an interesting point about some dermatologists that you talked to. >> we talked to a dermatology, they tell us that using the same towel over and over to wash your face can actually make bacteria and germs come back on to your skin. even if it's a towel that you only use for your face. so the idea is that you should be using a fresh towel every time. >> okay. >> but if you're not into the laundry, join the clean skin club. this is the name of the brand that makes these towels which one box of these is sold every seven seconds. it went viral on tick tock. >> geez. >> yeah. the idea is that you get a clean little towel every time you wash your face. you can see one of our staffers here trying it out. and it's really durable. you can wash full face and makeup, guys can get in on this, too. you get a fresh towel every time. >> 50 k. >> 50 in a pack. >> all right. >> i have this problem every summer. my hair. my hair gets outrageously frizzy. you maintain this will help. >> yeah. this is from wella professionals. it's tiny but packs a punch.

8:46 am

we can use it on all different hair types. what it will do is help reduce frizziness which is a big problem in the summer. it will boost hair shine. it will help keep it smooth. so we have alexa our producer. her mom used it on curly hair. she struggles with frizz and put it on, the brand says it works in 90 seconds. just spray this on. >> big difference. >> spray it on damp hair and let it air dry and blow dry it if you want something smoother. either way, works on all hair types. >> i'm excited about this one. >> you had a stressful day. it's been a long day. breaking news. you want to unwind, craig. use this headache relief cap. put it on like this. >> oh, come on. >> you can put it in the freezer to cool it or you can microwave it if you're into the heat. >> that's nice. >> our producer found this one actually. it's going viral on social media. the idea is that it helps relieve tension around your head. >> the stress is melting away. >> yeah. if you have headaches, you know, you just want to unwind or put

8:47 am

it over your whole face in you wanted to do that. >> that's nice. you have to try this. >> yeah. it's very gentle compression. so anyone can use this and reap the benefits. >> i'll keep this on for the rest of the show. >> okay. >> this came from your husband. this is -- >> so this is michael brock's recommendation. but also one of our editors on the team loves the pillow cube. so this is designed for side sleepers. if you sleep on your side, you know the struggle of kind of like those neck cramps that you wake up with. >> there's a picture. >> there they are. there's kamari and michael. basedly what this brand designed this pillow with is a cooling foam that's 4 to 6 inches high. depends on your height. they have them all on the website. and what it's supposed to do is keep your neck at a comfortable 90 degree angle so that you don't wake up with pain and helps align your spine. >> your husband swears by it. >> he swears by it. he's been using it for years. i laugh about it. it's a cube. but it's -- it works. and we actually have a discount for this. we have 10% off. the already discounted price that's on the website right now. so.

8:48 am

>> thank you. again, folks, we made it easy for you to buy any of these items. just scan the qr code or go to up next, mr. roker, what you got? >> well, all you have to do is keep wearing that hat and you don't have to worry about your frizzy hair. than up next, you look ridiculous. we got gabbie dal kin with big ideas for our memorial day coouts.ok

8:49 am

8:50 am

and welcome back. this morning on "today food," we are firing up the grill, folks. not one, but two perfect recipes. memorial day weekend almost here. new york times bestselling author gaby is here with her new

8:51 am

cook book, grilling all the things. cook book number five. >> i know. >> congratulations on that. a bigger congratulations because you are expecting another baby. >> i have a baby on board. >> congrats, gaby! how excited are you all? >> will be, we're unhinged and crazy, but it is a good thing. >> and the journey was complicated. >> we have had a lot of fe i'm thrilled with where we're at and i'm sending love to anyone going through it at home. >> we are so happy for you. so, so happy for you. >> thank you. >> let's fire up the grill here. >> let's make some wings. >> wings are a little tricky sometimes on the grill. >> fair. these are a chili wing recipe.i. i feel like people just need a solid base recipe. and you can spice it up to your preference. >> we will start by making the vinaigrette.

8:52 am

>> you can do this by hand or throw it into a food processer, whatever you want. this is it is incredible. is in. >> throw that in there. whatever you want. this is olive oil, red wine vinegar. i have some oregano. have you ever had these chilies? >> i have. >> i want to bathe in them. >> i feel like they're having a moment, too. >> they really are. whoever did kale's pr ten years ago -- >> and brussel sprouts. >> and cauliflower pizza and all that stuff. 8:30 rose. >> blend it until it's really like emulsified and delightful. we'll dak some wings. i'm seasoning these with salt, pepper and garlic powder. here you want to give those a toss. >> delicious. >> you give that a toss. get the seasoning all over. then these are going to go on to the grill. >> how long do you grill your wings? >> so these are going to go on for about 10 to 15 minutes. maybe 15 to 20 these are really big. i like to kind of crowd them together.

8:53 am

>> why is that? >> because that way they're not going to dry out. they're going to stay a little more moist. and then we'll put the vinaigrette on them when the time. and give them another char at the end. >> let me ask you this question about the vinaigrette. can you use these perhaps with chicken thighs? >> you can use the vinaigrette with anything. chicken, turkey, you name it, pork. it's good, right? >> i'll try this. >> you try that. >> what do you do with the butter. >> we have butter that i'm just going to put right in here. >> these are good. >> really good. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, wow. >> oh wow is right. then the vinaigrette will go into the butter. >> that's really good. >> you could also dip this in bread, throw it on a pasta, not mad at >> and then the cooked wings we're going to throw right in here. we'll take these off. >> okay. >> give them a little spice and you're on your way. >> a little butter bath. >> these are great. >> well done. >> let's make some corn. >> yum. >> chicken is a winner. sheinelle says yes. >> delicious.

8:54 am

>> breakfast of champions, guys. >> okay. what are we making now? >> this is a grilled corn pasta salad. a feel strong about a hearty pasta salad that's not mayo based. >> you can grab this and hold it. trying to minimize dishes over here. that will go for 8 to 10 minutes until you see some charred marks on there. we want it to really develop some color. here i'll show you quickly how to slice this off the cob. a lot of people do this. it goes everywhere. i like to keep it down and slice off the cheeks like that. right? then you keep your kitchen semi-clean. >> yummy. >> any type of short pasta, dump the charred corn right in there. >> perfect. >> season it with parmesan. >> does it matter what pasta you use? >> honestly, the book calls for short pasta.

8:55 am

only have spaghetti on hand, you do you. >> oh my god. >> jalapeno, green onion, cilantro, garlic, everything goes in. season with salt, chili powder and lime juice. >> it's my arizona roots coming out. >> did you do that? >> look at you. innovator. he's following directions. so there you have it. >> wow. >> thank you so much. >> you're so welcome. >> congrats again. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> when are you due? >> fall. >> fall baby. >> thank you. she'll be back in the third hour. what are we making? today. it is out right now. be sure to scan that qr code or head to to save these recipes and more with your free today account, by the way. we will have all the details on the website f >> don't put me on the spot.

8:56 am

caesar salad. >> the cook book, by the way, out today. out right now. scan that qr code. or head to to save these recipes and more, with your free today account by the way. we'll have all of the details on the website for how you can sign up for that account. but we'll be back with a whole lot more coming up after your local news, weather. and these quick messages.

8:57 am

good morning. it is 856 on marcus washington. first responders now confirming one person died in a second was saved after a fiery overnight crash in fremont. this happened a little after midnight on fremont boulevard. this is near thornton avenue now. fremont boulevard has been closed all morning since that crash. the car struck a tree and burst into flames. happening now. our bob redell. he's been at that scene all morning, and he tells us earlier, relatives of the victim were there as well. he'll have a live report during our midday newscast. also at midday. a fate of the gig economy workers possibly at stake. this is as the state supreme court hears, arguments on the legality of prop 22. that's a voter approved meas

8:58 am

8:59 am

when it comes to life golden 1 credit union sees, you're crushing it. you nailed that audition. you perfected that plate. your team's inspired. whether behind the scenes or center stage, you've never chosen the easy path. instead, you make your own. golden 1 checking works for you with every day simple checking. so you can keep shining, no matter what scene of life you're in. golden 1 checking, life is a journey best celebrated together. a slow network is no network for business. life is a journey that's why more choose comcast business. and now, we're introducing ultimate speed for business —our fastest plans yet. we're up to 12 times faster than verizon, at&t, and t-mobile. and existing customers could even get up to triple the speeds... at no additional cost. it's ultimate speed for ultimate business. don't miss out on our fastest speed plans yet!

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switch to comcast business and get started for $49.99 a month. plus, ask how to get up to an $800 prepaid card. call today! the morning on the 3rd hour of "today," amal clooney in the spotlight. her work once again on the world stage. >> i belve

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