Making a Big Purchase? Follow These 5 Steps Get the Biggest Discount and Boost Your Rewards (2024)

I'm a big fan of getting a good deal and earning rewards. Before making an expensive online purchase, I go through a routine to ensure I save as much money as possible and maximize my rewards potential. Doing this means I keep more money in my bank account and reach my cash back and credit card rewards goals sooner. Here's what you need to do to get the biggest discount possible and boost your rewards when shopping online.

Do this to get the best deal and earn more rewards

Life is expensive, so any money saved can be a win for your personal finances. When making more costly purchases, paying attention to sales and discount opportunities to keep more money in your checking account can be especially worthwhile.

If you use cash back apps or cash back credit cards, taking steps to maximize your rewards potential can also be beneficial. Who doesn't like free money? I know I do. Here's what I recommend doing before you complete the checkout process for an expensive purchase.

1. Compare prices to find the best deal

The first step is to do some price comparison research. Making a purchase when an item is on sale is an excellent way to keep more money in your pocket. Sometimes, multiple retailers have the same products on sale, so comparing prices is worthwhile. Otherwise, you could end up paying more than you need to for your purchase.

2. Use coupon code apps to score a bigger discount

Many retailers have coupons or promotional codes to help you get a more significant discount. You can use cash back apps and websites to find active codes. If an eligible code is available, you can enter it at checkout to save more money on your purchase. I usually spend a few moments comparing codes before I check out. Some websites will send you a coupon code in exchange for joining their email newsletter list.

3. Check to see if you can use a cash back app to earn more rewards

The next step I take is to see if the retailer partners with cash back apps like Rakuten. By using cash back apps and browser extensions, you can earn cash back rewards on purchases you already planned to make. These websites are easy to use, and the earnings can add up quickly if you're a frequent shopper, so don't forget to use these money-saving tools.

4. Review your credit card offers to boost your rewards potential

Some credit card companies offer additional ways for cardholders to boost their rewards with credit card offers. Amex Offers and Chase Offers are examples of such programs. Through these programs, you can activate offers with popular retailers and earn cash back rewards for eligible purchases. Most offers pay eligible cardholders as a statement credit to their credit card account. Don't miss this step to maximize your cash back earning potential.

5. Pay with the credit card that offers the most rewards

The final step I take is to consider what credit card to use during the checkout process. I have several credit cards in my wallet, but some earn more rewards than others. If you want to maximize the cash back, points, or miles that you earn, consider which credit card will offer the highest reward potential for the purchase category you plan to make and use it as your payment method.

Being strategic when you shop can be a win for your wallet

Once you get used to this routine, it only takes a few extra moments to get a better discount and earn more rewards. The next time you shop online, consider whether you can save more money or boost your cash back earnings by utilizing resources like coupon apps, cash back apps, and rewards credit cards. These valuable tools continue to help me save and earn more on my purchases.

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Making a Big Purchase? Follow These 5 Steps Get the Biggest Discount and Boost Your Rewards (2024)


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