Larry Ellison's Net Worth (2024)

Larry Ellison is an American businessman and a tech mogul, best known for co-founding the multi-billion-dollar software firm Oracle back in 1977. Despite currently living in Hawaii, he remains an important figure in Silicon Valley. Under his leadership, Oracle became a global leader in providing software solutions for both large and small enterprises.

Moreover, Ellison’s dedication and strategies also spurred major advancements in the areas of enterprise resource planning (ERP), and cloud computing. His profound influence continues to drive progress in the tech sector through his exemplary leadership and technologies, cementing his legacy in this digital age.

Net Worth

$174.1 Billion

Yearly Income

$7.3 million

Date of Birth

17th August 1944

Place of Birth

The Bronx, New York









No. of Houses


No. of Cars


What is Larry Ellison’s Net worth?

Larry Ellison's Net Worth (1)

Larry Ellison's net worth currently stands at a whopping $174.1 billion, according to Forbes.

Larry Ellison throughout his career, has amassed a hefty sum of wealth significantly through Oracle Corporation. Currently, his net worth ranks him 5th among the richest people in the world.

As mentioned above, the majority of his wealth comes from his substantial ownership stake in Oracle, where he still owns around 42% of the company’s shares. This reflects Ellison’s central role in the company’s growth and success which has heavily contributed billions to his net worth.

Beyond Oracle, he has drastically diversified his income sources through numerous investments and assets. He also holds a 1.4% percent stake in Tesla, where he is also a board member. Additionally, Ellison also owns a 23.8% stake in making him a major shareholder of the company, and has also invested in other companies like NetSuite, Quark Biotechnology, Kosmos Tennis, and many more.

Lastly, Ellison has made over a billion dollars worth of investments in real estate properties, mostly located at various locations in the United States mainland and Hawaii.

What is Larry Ellison’s claim to fame?

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Larry Ellison’s journey toward fame is quite predominantly tied to the foundation of Oracle back in 1977, which became a pivotal moment that set the stage for gaining influence across the technology sector.

The major breakthrough in his life came in 1986 when Oracle became a public company, which paced up its growth as a leading provider of enterprise software. Later in 1992, the introduction of the Oracle Database 7 further solidified his reputation.

In the late 1990s, Ellison played a pivotal role in Oracle’s transition toward internet-based computing, which culminated in the firm’s robust presence in today’s cloud computing. These strategies and innovative advancements have cemented his stature as a tech industry titan.

What ventures does Larry Ellison own or is a part of?

Larry Ellison's Net Worth (3)

Ellison is a dynamic entrepreneur whose interest in business ventures extends much beyond Oracle, and the enterprise software industry. His list of acquisitions and investments very much reflects his diversified taste in technology and other sectors.

  • Oracle Corporation: Oracle was founded by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner, and Ed Oates back in 1977. Under their leadership, this company became the world’s largest supplier of databases. Currently, Ellison holds around 42% of Oracle’s shares making him the most influential person in the company.
  • Tesla: Larry Ellison’s relationship with Tesla goes back to 2018 when he joined the company’s board and purchased 15 million company shares, making him the 2nd largest shareholder afterElon Musk.
  • is another cloud-based software firm, where Ellison is the majority shareholder, owning a 23.8% stake in it.
  • NetSuite: Ellison also owns stakes at NetSuite which is an American cloud-based software company that was repurchased by Oracle in 2016.

He has invested in several other ventures, which played a vital role in his journey toward greater wealth, and influence. Some of these ventures include Quark Biotechnology, Kosmos Tennis, and more.

How does Larry Ellison spend his billions?

Being one of the richest individuals in the world, Larry Ellison lives a luxurious lifestyle. He spends a vast amount of his wealth on numerous lavish real estate, expensive cars, and high-end modes of transportation.

How many properties does Larry Ellison own?

Larry Ellison's Net Worth (4)

Larry Ellison spends over a billion dollars on various properties that are spread across the entire United States mainland, Hawaii, and other parts of the world, and are worth millions. Here are some of the houses owned by him:

  • Malibu Estate: It is a breathtaking estate that was acquired by Ellison for $20 million, offering several bedrooms, a swimming pool, and panoramic ocean views.
  • Japanese-style Woodside Estate: It is a gorgeous Japanese-style estate that is located in Woodside, California, and spans over 20 acres of land. Ellison purchased this property back in 2004, and currently, it is worth around $70 million.
  • Kyoto Garden Property: The tech mogul’s love for historic estate is clearly visible through his purchase of the Kyoto Garden Property which is located just beside a Zen Buddhist temple that was built in 1386.
  • Beechwood Mansion: He has also spent over $100 million, to complete the restoration of the Beechwood Mansion located in Bellevue Avenue, Newport, and the buildings situated near it. However, it still remains barren.
  • Lanai Island, Hawaii: This is arguably the most surprising purchase of Ellison, as he splashed around a whopping $300 million to acquire 98% of the island.

How many cars and other high-end transportation does Larry Ellison own?

Larry Ellison's Net Worth (5)

Larry Ellison's competitive nature has also extended him towards raching yachts, and flying fighter planes.

Just like his super-expensive real estate portfolio, Ellison’s car collection seems he only buys those that he can use as a daily driver, and provide luxury and performance. Down below, are some of the cars he currently owns or has previously owned.

  • McLaren F1: One of the most fantastic cars that Ellison’s garage housed is the legendary McLaren F1. However, this car was auctioned off at Pebble Beach weekend in 2022 for a staggering $3.6 million.
  • Audi R8: The Audi R8 is another impressive sportscar that was bout the tech mogul. He was also spotted driving around Sand Hill Road, California in this car.
  • Lexus LS 600 h: Ellison owns a 4th generation silver Lexus LS 600h. His car was also spotted parked near one of his houses in San Francisco.
  • Acura NSX: He also used to own a red 1995 Acura NSX which he gave away as a gift to one of his close friends back in 2016.


Beyond the luxurious cars, and estates Larry Ellison has also shown his keenness towards high-end modes of transportation like multiple superyachts, among which the Musahi and the Rising Sun are two of the most prominent ones.

Private Jets

Furthermore, he also owns a large fleet of private jets including a luxurious Gulfstream G650. He is also known to own a Mig-29 Fighter Jet which caught some attention of the media after he purchased it back in the summer of 2010.

What are Larry Ellison’s charitable contributions?

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Through the Lawerence Ellison Foundation, he supports various causes including education, wildlife consevation, and medical research.

Larry Ellison might be a tech titan and a big spender, but he is also a generous philanthropist because of which he is also a very well-respected individual globally. His promise and commitment to give back have shaped people and communities across several countries. Below, are some of his most impressive philanthropic contributions.

  • The Giving Pledge: Ellison had vowed to donate a majority of his wealth and by 2004 he had already donated over $150 million through it. Currently, he extends his help by providing medical research, education, and other projects in Israel through this pledge.
  • Medical Research And Education: He has also been heavily invested in medical research and education. In 1997, Ellison founded the Ellison Medical Foundation which has been instrumental in understanding numerous age-related diseases. In addition, he also supports the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute to support his vision of revolutionizing cancer treatment.
  • Environmental Causes: His philanthropy also extends to numerous wild animals including endangered ones and their natural habitats.

Besides these three charitable deeds, Ellison has also donated $5 million to Lawerence J. Ellison Musculo-Skeletal Research Centre, $200 million to the University of Southern California for advanced cancer treatment research, and more.

What’s next for Larry Ellison?

Currently, Larry Ellison is highly involved in Oracle’s strategic shift to Nashville, Tennessee. He has also extended his vision toward contributing to the well-being and innovation of the city.

Additionally, he also envisions an eco-lab that is entirely powered by solar energy, has electric cars and uses freshwater for various production purposes.

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Larry Ellison's Net Worth (2024)


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