I Like Spending My Holidays In Quite Places. There Are Not Phones, Cars, Or Computers There (adj Clauses) (2024)

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Answer 1

One possible way to write this sentence with adjective clauses is:

I like spending my holidays in quiet places where there are no phones, cars, or computers.

What is the clause about (

Adjective clauses, also known as relative clauses, are groups of words that modify a noun or pronoun in a sentence. These clauses begin with a relative pronoun such as "who," "whom," "whose," "which," or "that," or with a relative adverb such as "when," "where," or "why." Adjective clauses provide additional information about the noun or pronoun they modify, and they are usually essential to the meaning of the sentence.

For example:

The man who is wearing a hat is my neighbor.

In this sentence, "who is wearing a hat" is the adjective clause that modifies the noun "man."

The book that I borrowed from the library was really interesting.

In this sentence, "that I borrowed from the library" is the adjective clause that modifies the noun "book."

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Please help/English Understand Gothic Writing


The feature of Gothic writing illustrated in this passage from Herman Melville is A. insanity.

Write a short note on Gothic writing.

Gothic writing is a literary genre that emerged in the late 18th century and reached its peak in the Victorian era. Gothic fiction typically features elements of horror, romance, and the supernatural, and often explores themes of madness, death, and the unknown. The genre is characterized by its dark and foreboding atmosphere, intricate plotlines, and complex characters. Gothic literature often features mysterious settings such as castles or ancient ruins and employs techniques such as suspense, dramatic irony, and foreshadowing to create a sense of unease and uncertainty. Prominent authors of Gothic fiction include Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe, and Charlotte Bronte. Today, the influence of Gothic writing can be seen in a variety of media, including film, television, and video games.

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In at least 150 words, explain how the dialect used by Huck and Jim in these excerpts contributes to the realism of the


The dialect that Huck and Jim employ in the extracts adds to the realism by capturing the experience of the marginalized group.

What is the concept of realism?

According to realism, in philosophy, things that are known or observed have an existence or nature that does not depend on who is thinking about or observing them.

Who invented realism?

Gustave Courbet of France was the founder of the realism painting movement. It extended throughout Europe and had an impact far into the next century, but as it entered the canon of painting, its use as a word to describe a particular creative style has diminished.

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The complete question is -

Read the excerpts below from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and answer the question.

"... and the thunder would go rumbling and grumbling away, and quit-and then RIP comes another flash and another sockdolager. The waves most washed me off the raft sometimes-

"Say, who is you? Whar is you? Dog my cats ef I didn' hear suman. Well, I know what I's gwyne to do: I's gwyne to set down here and listen tell I hears it ag'in."

In at least 150 words, explain how the dialect used by Huck and Jim in these excerpts contributes to the realism of the story.

Give one justification for why the following sentences can be identified as either a Simple, Compound, Complex or Compound Complex sentence:
(i) The talented singer who performed at the concert came to the party at the weekend.
(ii)Although I am not very good, I really enjoy playing rugby.
(iii)Serena struck a beautiful backhand shot, but the return was even of a better quality
(iv) Thabo could not travel and Thembi could not leave the house because they had to quarantine.​


Answer: (i) This is a complex sentence because it has one independent clause "The talented singer came to the party" and one dependent clause "who performed at the concert".

(ii) This is a complex sentence because it has one independent clause "I really enjoy playing rugby" and one dependent clause "Although I am not very good".

(iii) This is a compound-complex sentence because it has two independent clauses "Serena struck a beautiful backhand shot" and "the return was even of a better quality", and one dependent clause "but".

(iv) This is a compound sentence because it has two independent clauses "Thabo could not travel" and "Thembi could not leave the house", joined by the coordinating conjunction "and".


Based on Danglars's reaction, the reader can infer the following implicit meaning:
O Danglars is sharing a secret with Morrel. O Danglars speaks highly of Dantès to Morrel.
O Danglars is embarrassed about his behavior.
O Danglars believes that Dantès should have given him the letter.​


Answer: (c)

Explanation:just took it

Where did the happy elf put the golden coins?


In Harry potter, Dobby buried the gold in the flowerbed at Number Four Privet Drive, the home of Harry's Muggle relatives, in order to avoid suspicion from the Malfoys.

What can be said about Dobby the elf and his obsession with golden coin in Harry potter?

Dobby, the house-elf in the "Harry Potter" series, is obsessed with freedom and earning wages. He sees Harry's gift of gold Galleons as a way to earn his freedom from the Malfoy family, whom he serves.

Throughout the series, Dobby's desire for wages and fair treatment is a recurring theme, and he takes any opportunity to better his situation. However, his obsession with earning wages also leads to his tragic end in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" when he is killed while helping Harry and his friends escape from Malfoy Manor.

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Surprisingly, Guests have a _____ to use the indoor pool in the summer.
1- Trend
3- Movement
4- habit




Tendency is like automatic, while habit is gained after time and the others are pretty obv

Which of the following are techniques that should be featured in an informative essay? Select two answers. explaining results using cause and effect giving extended personal connections to the subject presenting text from outside sources as your own words providing relevant examples


A style of essay known as an informative essay simply discusses facts that are used to teach your audience. This essay may address terminology definitions and comparisons and contrasts of various things.

What makes an informative essay effective?

An instructive essay imparts knowledge on a subject to the reader. They may serve one of the following purposes: to define a phrase, compare and contrast two things, analyse data, or offer instructions. But they don't try to convince your reader or offer an opinion.

What elements of the start are crucial while writing an informative essay?

The introduction of the topic or issue is one of the most crucial tasks of an introductory paragraph. 99% of justifications cannot be understood without at least some context. Therefore, it is crucial to lay a basis for your issue before you start describing it.

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The steady influx of observers continued until every seat in the courtroom was filled. Everyone watched the famous defendant, who appeared to be __ to what was being said as she nodded in affirmation to each whisper from her lawyer. look as she described the guilt While on the stand, the defendant had a[n] that she felt for her crimes; however, during the cross-examination, the prosecutor succeeded in provoking the defendant until she lost her temper. She stood and screamed in rage. "Defense, please your client," said the judge. After the outburst, the trial fell apart for the defense. The jury deliberated and found the defendant guilty, and one charges for lying on behalf of the defendant. of the witnesses faced __ charges for lying on behalf of the defendant. ​


Throughout the trial, the well-known defendant acknowledged her attorney's hushed comments by nodding in agreement. During cross-examination, she did lose her composure.

Who are witnesses in court?

Someone who is a witness is a person who is present when an act, a sequence of actions, or a scene is occurring. Any individual who has the capacity to grasp a fact with their five senses qualifies as a witness.

Why are witnesses requested?

A witness includes a person who was there when the crime was committed, heard it, or may know something crucial about it or the accused. Both the prosecution and the defence have the option of calling witnesses to provide testimony or share their knowledge of the case. Testimony is what a witness actually says in court.

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please help me in this speaking in English​


You can follow the guidelines below in order to write your project concerning a tradition in your hometown with which you agree or disagree:

Choose a tradition: Think about the customs, practices, or events that are unique to your hometown. Research about them and select one that you are interested in.Gather information: Gather as much information as possible about the tradition. Talk to family members, community leaders, or anyone who has knowledge about the tradition. Research online or at your local library to find more information.Analyze the tradition: Analyze the tradition and reflect on its significance. Consider how it reflects your hometown's history, culture, and values. Think about whether the tradition is still relevant or has lost its meaning over time.Give your opinion: Give your opinion on the tradition. Do you agree with it? If so, why? If not, why not? Be sure to support your opinion with facts and reasons.

How to analyze a tradition

We cannot provide you with a specific example because we do not know which hometown you are from. That is why we gave you the general guidelines above. By following them, you can easily analyze a chosen tradition from your town.

An example of a tradition in a small American hometown could be the annual county fair. Many small towns in America host a county fair every year, which usually involves events such as livestock shows, carnival rides, and community performances. The tradition of the county fair can be traced back to the agricultural roots of many small towns, where farmers would come together to showcase their animals and crops. Some people may argue that the county fair is an important tradition that brings the community together and helps preserve the town's rural heritage. Others may disagree and see the county fair as outdated or even harmful to animals.

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What conclusion is supported by the information in paragraph 3 of the selection "Trees Rise in the Desert"?


Mesquite trees are said to have an extensive root system that enables them to receive water from buried sources in paragraph 3 in "Tree branches Rise in the Desert."

What inference may be drawn as from details in paragraph three of the text "Trees Emerge in the Desert"?

The inference drawn from this data is that mesquite trees' ability to get water via their deep root systems allows them to survive and grow in desert areas.

This is a description of the life and deeds of Burkinabe farmer Yacouba Sawadogo, who has made it his mission to establish woods in deserts, transforming many of these areas into hotspots for flora and animals.

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Find one of the words above in a dictionary. Write the
meaning below.


The word I can found from the dictionary is Obsession.

What is Obsession?

Obsession refers to a persistent, intrusive, and distressing thought, feeling, or impulse that dominates a person's consciousness and interferes with their ability to function in daily life. Obsessions can take many forms, such as excessive worry about a particular issue or fear of something happening to oneself or others. These thoughts or feelings may be irrational or uncontrollable, causing significant distress, anxiety, and disruption to normal activities.

Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors are often linked and may be symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Treatment for obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors often includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, medication, or a combination of both.

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Which of the following features, if they are present, does reading a poem aloud helps you hear? Select all that apply.


When reading a poem aloud, alliteration, rhythm, and repetition are all present.

Why is it preferable to read a poetry aloud?

Speaking and listening skills, as well as your literary and language abilities, can all be enhanced by reading poetry aloud. Reading aloud can enhance your appreciation of poetry and strengthen your speaking voice.

What methods are used when reading out loud?

They can start to memorise the words by hearing and reciting their rhyme, repetition, and rhythm. This is a step in the difficult process of learning to read. In a rhyme book with patterns, leave off the second line and ask the kid to identify the word that is missing.

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What is the cause and effect for the sentence In addition to extreme overpopulation, extended drought has contributed to severe famine in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa.


In the given sentence, there are two causes and one effect mentioned.

Causes: Extreme overpopulation & Extended drought

Effect: Severe famine in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa

The sentence states that both extreme overpopulation and extended drought have contributed to the severe famine experienced in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. These two factors, overpopulation and drought, are the causes that have led to the effect of famine in these regions.

Leport 15 Period 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Major Trends Possible reasons for trend (discuss two) Sex Using the statistics below, write a report titled: Drowning cases in Fiji from 2006 to 2016 You may use the following headings in the report: (1) Introduction (ii) (iii) (iv) Conclusion Recommendation (discuss one) 75 48 47 40 30 Male Female Total 28 9 37 37 8 45 35 13 48 45 4 49 40 13 53 36 9 45 58 17 36 12 35 12 33 7 25 5 11 6 Drowning Cases in Fiji from 2006 to 2016 Age Under 10 11-17 18-25 26-35 36-45 years years years years years 9 4 10 8 4 6 3 12 9 3 16 1 12 5 4 11 4 9 5 7 14 9 10 10 5 11 2 5 7 5 3 25 16 14 6 5 6 11 10 3 5 14 4 7 9 6 6 7 7 11 6 Adapted from: http://www.statsfiji.gov.fj 0 Above 45 years 2 12 10 13 5 15 11 13 6 7 4 Total 37 45 48 49 53 45 75 48 47 40 30​


This report looks at the drowning cases in Fiji from 2006 to 2016 using statistics from the Fiji Statistics Bureau.

What is report ?

A report is a document that presents organized information about a particular subject. Reports typically include a summary of the information, analysis of the data, and recommendations for action. Reports are used in a variety of fields and industries, including business, finance, education, and government. Reports are often used to provide information to decision makers and stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders, and government officials. Reports can also be used to document procedures, evaluate performance, and assess progress. Reports are typically written in a formal style and include facts and figures that are supported by evidence.

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Q.9 Select the option that expresses the given sentence in indirect speech.
My brother said to me, "Don't play in the rain."


In the absence of options, My brother said to me, "Don't play in the rain." in indirect speech should be 'My brother told me not to play in the rain.'

How do you convert a sentence to direct or indirect speech?

To convert a sentence from direct to indirect speech, you need to change the tense of the verbs, use reporting verbs like "said" or "told," and adjust pronouns and time references.

The reported speech should be introduced with a reporting verb and the speaker's words should be put into a subordinate clause.

When converting from indirect to direct speech, you need to remove the reporting verb, adjust the tense of the verbs, and rephrase any pronouns or time references. It's important to keep in mind the context and tone of the original sentence when making these changes.

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What type of characterization is the following example?

Tiffany loved when her teachers gave her creative projects. Her favorite things to do were paint, write music, play her guitar, and mold pottery.

direct characterizaton

indirect characterization



This is an example of indirect characterization


The given example is an example of indirect characterization. The author is showing Tiffany's love for creative projects by describing her actions and hobbies, such as painting, writing music, playing the guitar, and molding pottery. The reader can infer Tiffany's character traits and interests through her actions and hobbies, rather than the author explicitly stating that Tiffany loves creative projects. This is an example of indirect characterization, where the character's traits are revealed through their actions, thoughts, and dialogue, rather than being directly stated.

Think about your diet . How does what you eat affect you ? For example , does it make you feel tired or awake ? nervous or happy ?



What you eat affects you because, what you eat, your brain also eats. Conversely, it uses what you eat, to run and stay awake. So when you eat a bunch of sugar, you may become super energetic and then crash (get super tired). This is because your body ingested too much sugar, which surpassed the point of where sugar can actually help you stay awake. Diet can affect you through weight as well. Where your body endures too much or too little of something from your diet and either stores it because it does not receive it enough. Or your mood could be affecting how your body stores food through stress.

So in total, your diet affects you through weight, mood and more! Based on how you're feeling in that moment, and how much your are lacking in nutrients, or how much oversupply you have of certain nutrients.

A Family That Plays Together
by Tirzah Tyler
On Friday morning, Sergio flung his backpack over his shoulder and sighed.
"It's just for fwo nights," he told his father
"Mijo, we're a mariachi band. If you abandon us, we'll only have one guitar,"
Mr. Rosales said with a frown and a gleam in his eye that made him look like a
heartbroken puppy
Sergio had never seen his father cry, but he wondered if maybe he was
about to witness that phenomenon. Telling him about working at a shoe store
over the weekend with a friend was not going well "Dad, I'm going to make
more money than I would performing with the family." Sergio explained.
"But we always play togetherl And then we all split the profits Mr. Rosales
exclaimed. Now he looked like the Paricutin volcano about to erupt in a Mexican
"Dad, it's going to be OK" Sergio said. "Ana knows the guitar parts to all the
songs just as well as I do if she just plays her guitar louder than usual, I think
the family will sound just fine"
Mr. Rosales sighed and said calmly, "I can't make you perform with us." Then
he added, "When you started spending so much time with Jeremy, I thought
maybe you just needed a friend. Now I'm beginning to think that you just don't
want us in your life anymore"
"Dad, I love you all," Sergio said. "I'm not trying to leave the family I'll just bo
away for four hours tonight and six hours tomorrow night. The more I earn now,
the less I need to earn later Comprendes, Papi?"
Mr. Rosales gently stroked his chin in thought. He nodded and replied, "SI,
Mijo, claro que si to say that he understood what Sergio was saying
After school, Sergio rode the city bus with his friend Jeremy to Speedaway
Athletic Shoes. Their plan was to do inventory, they were going to make a list of
the store's supplies After the boys arrived at the store, Sergio unzipped his
backpack and took out his calculator and pencil Jeremy turned on the TV in the
store's break room and tuned in to his favorite show
it's OK if we goof off," Jeremy said. "Speedaway will pay us for four hours of
work, but our job will only take us about two hours. We can do whatever we
want while we're here. The manager told me so
Sergio groaned at the thought of being dishonest. He thought about his
family playing his favorite mariachi songs without him Then he decided that
earning less money with his family was better than earning more money with a
As politely as he could, Sergio said goodbye to Jeremy and caught the next
bus home. After he arrived, he threw his backpack onto his bed, changed into
his uniform, and fished his guitar out of his closet. Then he half-walked, half-ran
the eight blocks to the restaurant where his family was performing
8 of 10 Answered
Which word best describes Sergio's character?
OA. ke
OB. greedy
OC. confused
OD. honorable
Session Timer: 14:06
Session Score: 63% (5/8)


Sergio is clearly honorable for his dad's profession and the family over money, as can be seen from the preceding text.

Sergio and his friend Jeremy took the city bus after school to get to Speedway Athletic Shoes. They intended to do an inventory and compile a list of the store's stock. Sergio unzipped his rucksack as the lads got to the shop and pulled out his calculator and pencil. Jeremy flipped on his preferred programme on the TV in the store's break area. We can have fun and act silly, Jeremy added, "We'll get paid by Speedway for four hours of work, but it will only take us around two. While we are here, we are free to do whatever we wish. Sergio scowled at the prospect of lying, "The manager told me that."

He imagined his family listening to his favorite mariachi music without him. Then he came to the conclusion that spending less money with his family would be preferable to spending more money with a buddy. Sergio said Jeremy farewell as well as he could before boarding the subsequent bus home. He walked in, dropped his bag on the bed, changed into his uniform and pulled his guitar from his wardrobe. Then he sprinted the eight streets to the restaurant where his family was performing as he partially walked.

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Which of the following words don’t belong with the others





Likely and Probably both mean there is a strong chance for something to occur. Possibly just means there is a chance, usually a small chance.

“Possibly” doesn’t belong

write an application to the chairman of your municipality to keep your area clean.​




The Chairperson




Respected Sir,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the worst condition of the cleanliness of our locality.

This is to bring to you kind notice that ward no. ( your ward no .) of ( your area) is not being cleaned properly since the past 10 days. Garbage has been lying in different area , scattered around the roads that increases the pollution and making the road and area smelly. We have lodged several complaints to the chairman of our municipality workers but no efforts have been taken for the same. We would be grateful if you could help us in this matter and also launch an internal probe to find the source of the problem

I respect you to urgently look into this matter before this turns deadly.

Thanking You.

Your faithfully [ your name]

An application letter to the chairman of your municipality to keep your area clean. can seen below;

How can the letter be written?

Dear Chairman,

I am writing to express my concern about the cleanliness of our municipality, specifically the area in which I reside. Despite the efforts of the municipal cleaning staff, I have noticed a growing amount of litter and garbage accumulating in our streets and public spaces.

As a concerned citizen, I believe it is our duty to maintain the cleanliness of our community. A clean and tidy environment not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of our area but also contributes to the health and well-being of its residents.

I would like to suggest a few measures that can be taken to improve the cleanliness of our municipality. Firstly, we need to increase the frequency of garbage collection in our area. The current schedule seems inadequate to cope with the growing amount of waste generated by our community.

Secondly, we need to raise awareness among residents about the importance of keeping our streets and public spaces clean. This can be achieved through education campaigns and public announcements.

Lastly, we need to impose stricter penalties for littering and illegal dumping. This will act as a deterrent and encourage residents to dispose of their waste responsibly.

I believe that these steps, if implemented, can go a long way in keeping our municipality clean and healthy. I urge you to take action and make our community a cleaner and more beautiful place to live in.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


John james

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Chapter One: Start Your Day With a Task Completed.

What are the four characteristics of people McRaven admires?
Explain each briefly.


Amazing optimists, Warriors for equality, They are "quiet professionals, People of great character," men and women are the four characteristics of people McRaven admires.

What is William H McRaven known for?

Adm. McRaven, who oversaw the U.S. Special Operations Command, was in charge of carrying out anti-terrorism operations across the globe with a force of 69,000 men and women. He has counselled Presidents George W. Bush and John F. Kennedy on foreign policy matters.

What is the main point of Admiral McRaven's speech?

Admiral McRaven condensed the frightening and nebulous notion of "changing the world" by saying that everyone can make an impact on the world by improving the lives of 10 individuals. Give your audience concrete suggestions for how they might put their ideas into practise right away.

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luxiourious hotel
accomadation: konaklama
portable dwelling:taşınabilir mesken

TASK 4 :
Prepare a remedial exercise for either student 1 (see Task 1), or student 2 (see task 2).
1.State which student the exercise is written for (student A or B)
2.Give one example of an error made by that student (the area of error that you will address is your remedial exercise)
3.Identify the area of error (e.g. incorrect formation of indirect speech)
4.Write a remedial task for the student to address the area of error you have identified.This should consist of 5 questions.
5.Write down the aim of the exercise.
E.g. The student will be able to use indirect speech correctly.
6.Write clear instructions for the student.
E.g.Identify and correct the errors.
7.Provide a worked example to support your instructions.
E.g. I finish work on 5 o’clock –incorrect
Correct : I finish work at 5 o’clock.
8.Include the answer key.


As we can see, either student's remedial activity can be made using the guidelines below:

Determine the student's unique learning requirements.Set specific learning objectives.Make the appropriate supply and material choices.Plan the exerciseCarry out the workout.track progressWhat is remedial exercise?

Remedial exercises are exercises or activities designed to help students or individuals who are struggling with a particular subject or ability. The goal of remedial exercises is to improve a person's performance and comprehension in a certain subject or skill area. They frequently concentrate on strengthening particular regions where there are deficiencies.

After putting the exercise into action, make sure to monitor the student's progress by assessing their performance on a regular basis and altering the exercise as required. Celebrate the students' successes and continue to offer them assistance and motivation as they work to improve their skills and comprehension.

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What do Tommy Barnes' and Ben Rogers'
comments indicate about the Gang?
A.They are cautious about committing
serious crimes.
B.They are still innocent and
considerate children.
C.They are tough and hardened
criminals, though young.
D.They will not personally benefit by
joining the boys' Gang.


B.They are still innocent and considerate children.

The adventures of Tom Sawyer

Two characters from the venerable book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain are Tommy Barnes and Ben Rogers. They are shown as ordinary young boys that are full of energy, love to play games, and are curious about their environment. Despite their naughty actions, Ben and Tommy are shown to be kindhearted people with good intentions who have a sense of loyalty and camaraderie towards their friend Tom Sawyer. They are eager to accompany Tom on his excursions and stand up for him when he is in danger. Their personalities serve as examples of childhood innocence and joy as well as the value of friendship and devotion. Ben Rogers and Tommy Barnes are significant supporting figures in the book who add to the overall sense of adventure and fun.

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True or false.
This sentence includes a comparative adjective.

The green sea turtle is more entertaining than some sea creatures.



Answer: True

Explanation: Comparative adjectives And superlative adjectives are similar but closely diffrent usually some Superlative nouns use Largest or Biggest while comparatives commonly use More, Most and etc. So “the Most Entertaining Creature Is a Comparative Adjective.

how do the people watching kino and his family contribute to the pressure of the moment? Which moment is most pressure filled? Chapter 4


His family's close proximity to them, which breeds tension and unease, adds to the pressure of the situation. In Chapter 4 is when Kino discovers the large pearl and the crowd begins to gather around.

Does Kino love his family?

The protagonist of The Pearl, Kino, is a very straightforward person who is driven by three fundamental motivations: his love for his family, his adherence to the customs of his community, and his anger at the persecution of his people by European sentence.

Is Kino cruel to his wife?

Juana flees as she hears him pursuing her, but Kino catches her just as she turns to throw the pearl into the ocean. He takes the pearl from her and kicks her in the side as she falls while punching her in the face.

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Pain is to injury as success is to


In order to succeed, we must put out effort, according to the idiom "pain is injury as success is effort."

What are legs made of tree trunk?

For some people, the thigh gap—the area between the upper thighs that has come to represent yet another manufactured beauty trend—is alluring and desirable, but let's not mince words (femur or otherwise) about it: A set of tree-trunk thighs that are close to bursting your trousers is the epitome of sex.

A leaf trunk: What is it?

The portion of a tree that joins its roots and leafy crown is known as the trunk. Water and other nutrients are drawn up from the earth by the roots and carried up the tree trunk by cells that function somewhat like pipes.

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Which of the following statements best explains how the image in Passage 1 highlights a differing viewpoint in the essay?
It shows that people knew Anthony was going to win the battle for rights.
It shows that some men of the time admired women's fighting spirits.
It shows that the media satirized Anthony for being a strong, persistent leader.
It shows that some people found that women couldn't lead as well as men.


The viewpoint in an essay is the perspective or position from which the author presents their ideas or arguments. It is the lens through which the writer views the topic they are discussing and can greatly influence the content and tone of the essay.

What is the view point?

The viewpoint of an essay can be subjective or objective. A subjective viewpoint is when the author presents their personal opinions, feelings, and experiences about a topic. This type of viewpoint can be found in essays such as personal narratives, memoirs, and opinion pieces.

On the other hand, an objective viewpoint is when the author presents information and facts in a neutral and unbiased manner. This type of viewpoint can be found in essays such as research papers, academic articles, and news reports.

The choice of viewpoint in an essay will depend on the purpose of the essay and the intended audience. It is important for the author to clearly establish their viewpoint in order to effectively communicate their ideas and arguments to the reader.

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hich of the following multimedia components would not enhance Bianca's presentation about Maria Beasley?

An image of the patent for Beasley's new and improved life raft
A digital timeline of Maria Beasley's patents and inventions
A link to a podcast about Beasley's contributions to water safety
A link to a blog about the sinking of the Titanic


The multimedia component that would not enhance Bianca's presentation about Maria Beasley is "A link to a blog about the sinking of the Titanic."

What is a blog?
A blog, short for "weblog," is an online platform or website where an individual or group of individuals regularly publish written content, typically in the form of posts or articles. Blogs can cover a wide range of topics, including personal experiences, hobbies, interests, news, politics, and more.

While Maria Beasley's life raft design was used on the Titanic, a link to a blog about the sinking of the Titanic would not enhance Bianca's presentation about Maria Beasley. This component is not directly related to Beasley's life, work, or inventions, and would not provide any additional information about her or her contributions to water safety. The other three components - an image of the patent for Beasley's life raft, a digital timeline of her patents and inventions, and a link to a podcast about her contributions to water safety - would all be relevant and useful in enhancing Bianca's presentation about Maria Beasley.

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The words intercept, interact, and intersect all share the prefix –inter. This prefix most likely means



Answer: Between





-inter is a prefix meaning "between; among"

in a complete ebc what do you feel is best organic or conventional farming? be specific and ise evidence from the article to support your answer





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Q- Select two companies - large or mid-caps - from any country of your choice and estimate their daily returns for at least 5 years of data. Also, estimate the daily return on the country's stock index for the same duration.a. Plot the histograms (with a bin size of 0.1% or lower) of daily returns of the two stocks and the index and comment on the riskiness of the three assets, i.e., comment on their standard deviations as well as the skewness.b. Construct an equally weighted portfolio of the two stocks and plot a histogram of the daily return of that portfolio. What changes do you observe? brenda, who has suffered from epilepsy all her life, takes trileptal to control her seizures. recently, she became pregnant with her first child. she then checked on her medication and found that trileptal is a category c medication, meaning that the benefits may outweigh the risks. however, no adequate studies have been performed on the effect of the medication on pregnant women. she was excited to be pregnant, but she was concerned about continuing to take the medication. she asked her doctor whether trileptal was a(n): which of the following phases of swallowing is voluntary?multiple choicethe secretion of saliva rich in digestive enzymes by the parotid glandthe contraction of pharyngeal muscles to pull the pharynx towards the foodthe raising of the soft palate to cover the opening to the nasal cavitythe tongue pushing the bolus of the food towards the pharynxthe peristaltic wave in the pharynx and esophagus to push the food towards the stomach Last Tuesday, Cute Camel Woodcraft Company lost a portion of its planning and financial data when both its main and its backup servers crashed. The company's CFO remembers that the internal rate of return (IRR) of Project Delta is 14.6%, but he can't recall how much Cute Camel originally invested in the project nor the project's net present value (NPV). However, he found a note that detailed the annual net cash flows expected to be generated by Project Delta. They are: The CFO has asked you to compute Project Delta's initial investment using the information currently available to you. He has offered the following suggestions and observations: Parasympathetic preganglionic neurons release the neurotransmitter ________; sympatheticpreganglionic neurons release the neurotransmitter ________.14)A) norepinephrine : norepinephrineB) acetylcholine : acetylcholineC) epinephrine : norepinephrineD) acetylcholine : norepinephrineE) norepinephrine : acetylcholine an association of unions based on industry rather than skill and joined by african americans in record numbers during world war ii is called? the determination of whether an exception to the restricted reporting/disclosure applies is the responsibility of what authority? Send HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help need this asap fast although the sherman act indicates that every'' restraint on trade is illegal, courts have held that the sherman act is applied only when a competitor acts in what way? This type of rock is formed when magma or lava cools and hardens. the smooth endoplasmic reticulum is the ser. the rough endoplasmic reticulum is the rer. in what order would the secreted horomone insulin go through these organelles? group of answer choices please help (sry for cracked screen) What is eutectic temperature You are thinking about purchasing a 'buy-and-hold' real estate investment. Monthly rental income is $960, monthly operating expenses are estimated at $460, and the subject area has a capitalization rate of 10%. Assume that you pay $50,000 for this investment, calculate the first year 'Cash-on-cash return'. Make sure to convert your answer to a percentage and round off to a whole number. Read the excerpt from an 1852 speech by Italian statesman Giuseppe Mazzini on Lombardy, a region of Italy that was ruled by Austria at the time. [Lombardy] struggled, they still struggle. . . For country and liberty;. . . They speak the same language, they bear about them the impress of consanguinity [common ancestors], they kneel beside the same tombs, they glory in the same tradition; and they demand to associate freely, without obstacles, without foreign dominationGiuseppe Mazzini, On Nationality, 1852Which summarizes Mazzinis argument about independence for Lombardy?Lombardy had some of the common bonds required of an independent nation-state, but not enough. Lombardy should not struggle for independence because it had strong bonds with Austria. Lombardy should be an independent nation-state because it had a strong national identity. Lombardy should not be kept from enjoying personal independence because of Austrias actions the word ____ in a search tells a computer to provide results only if all words or phrases appear within an item in the database. Calculate the {H+} for a solution with a pH of 11. 55 a 5-kg block is attached to a pulley by a light rope. the rope is wound around the pulley, and when the block is released, the rope unspools without slipping. the pulley is a solid disk of radius 0.2 m and mass 2 kg. what is the approximate angular speed of the pulley when the block has fallen 1 meter? a client's stool specimen is positive for clostridium difficile. which isolation precautions should the nurse institute for this client

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