Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (2024)

Figuring out where to set up your base in Ark: Survival Ascended isn’t easy. Moving furniture in real life is already a chore; imagine if you had to do that with dinosaurs. No, thank you. I’d rather pick one of the best base locations from the get-go.

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If you’re just starting your playthrough in Ark: Survival Ascended‘s The Center and are looking for the best base locations on this map, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve picked locations that offer a nice mix of resources, flat terrain suitable for building, and ample space for dinosaur parking, regardless of whether they’re flyers, swimmers, or land-dwellers. All the names in this guide are made up, so don’t expect to find their names on the map. Just follow the coordinates and overall map location, and you’ll get there. In this guide, I’ll show you my favorite spots to set up a base in Ark: Survival Ascended.

Best base locations for Ark: Survival Ascended The Center

Beaver’s Haven (Coordinates: X:53; Y:61)

Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (1)

I called this base location Beaver’s Haven because you get a tidy ruin section to shelter from incoming danger while surrounded by Beaver Dams. Plus, there’s a shortcut to one of The Center’s caves and abundant resources like Metal and Crystal nearby.

With nearby Beaver Dams brimming with treasures and ancient ruins providing a solid foundation for expansion, this spot is a PvE paradise in Ark: Survival Ascended.

Bridge to Prosperity (Coordinates: X:32; Y:45)

Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (2)

It’s hard to find a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and strategic significance, but if that’s what you’re looking for, this is the best base location in Ark: Survival Ascended.

Spanning a serene river, this location offers a picturesque view and easy access to vital resources and the Underworld. You can use the bridge to build some elegant architecture on top of it or just flock to the expansive flatlands nearby.

Castle Frostbite (Coordinates: X:37; Y:10)

Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (3)

Bases established in regular ruins get boring after a while. I think I’ve named about three in this list alone. So, if you and your dinos are too cool for brick ruins, how about trying ones made of ice?

Castle Frostbite is one of the best-hidden base locations in Ark: Survival Ascended. Here, icy spires and ancient ruins intertwine to create a majestic fortress. While the castle harbors secrets and artifacts, the sprawling flatlands offer ample room for expansion.

But if you’re playing on someone else’s server, avoid building on the Castle’s entrance. Other players could easily get mad at you for blocking the entrance to an artifact with your cool-looking base.

Island Oasis (Coordinates: X:71; Y:52)

Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (4)

If you’re into ocean-styled gameplay, this base location is the best for you in Ark: Survival Ascended.

This island is really close to Skull Island, where you can quickly escape to get resources, tame some cool dinosaurs, and then take them back to safety.

You can unleash your creativity in this expansive isle amid its flat terrain and verdant landscapes. You can also use a huge pillar for support or to spot your next prey.

Lava Island’s Neighbor (Coordinates: X: 10; Y:74)

Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (5)

This is another island perfect to set up a base, except this one’s right next to Lava Island, where you can stock up on resources before returning to safety. Plus, it’s twice as big as the Island Oasis, which makes it ideal for a decent-sized PvE base.

This island has a spacious terrain, which is mostly flat except for a few hills here and there. Since it’s surrounded by water, this base location is great for keeping your underwater dinos—big or small.

Ruins Retreat (Coordinates: X: 49; Y:51)

Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (6)

This one’s great for lazy builders. With half-built foundations and a sprawling view, this spot offers a head start on your base-building journey.

This area was already available in ASE, but Ark: Survival Ascended makes each corner of these ruins stand out nicely. If the inside of the ruins isn’t enough for you, the ceiling is flat enough to expand upwards.

Serene Sanctuary (Coordinates: X:46; Y:59)

Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (7)

This base location is near another hidden cave in Ark: Survival Ascended, but most importantly, it’s nestled inside a set of serene ruins.

Perched by the water’s edge, which is great for water dinos and just as a resource, this spot boasts beauty and practicality. With ample flatlands and scenic views, it’s the perfect retreat for those seeking solace amidst the chaos of the wild.

Floating Island (Coordinates: X: 41, Y:28)

Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (8)

Nothing can beat having a base in the sky in Ark: Survival Ascended. In this area, floating islands offer a lofty perch amidst the clouds, though not one you’d want to choose if you need a massive base.

This spot exudes charm with its cascading waterfalls and panoramic views. Whether you’re a lone wanderer or a visionary builder, you can’t really go wrong by placing your base here. Just make sure you have a steady flyer to get resources elsewhere.

Tropical Plateau (Coordinates: X:30; Y:78)

Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (9)

This is one of the flattest areas in The Center, but most importantly, it’s also full of resources.

You have the azure waters to keep your water supply filled in the Tropical Plateau. This spot is a builder’s paradise since you can source everything easily and use it to craft on flat ground, which is the best way to craft.

Waterfall Drop (Coordinates: X: 82; Y: 80)

Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (10)

If the options above didn’t provide enough space for you, your friends, and the hundreds of dinos you carry around, then this base spot is for you. Plus, you get lots of resources like Redwood Trees, Metal, and Crystal.

This area gives you enough flat terrain to build anything you need and connects you to a large body of water through a built-in ramp. This means your Shastasaurus, or any other underwater dino you might have tamed, won’t be left behind. They’ll just be in the oversized backyard pool.

There are also waterfalls here, which don’t really serve any purpose besides making your base look extra gorgeous.

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Ark: Survival Ascended: Best base locations on The Center (2024)


Where is the best base spot on the island ark ascended? ›

The Redwood Pond is one of the best base locations on The Island, with plenty of pros and only a handful of cons. Players that build here will have access to drinkable water, as well as plenty of space to build large bases.

What are the best bases in Fjordur ark? ›

In the middle of Vardiland is a vast lake, and just to its south is the Mines of Moria. It is one of the best metal spawn zones in ARK Fjordur, alongside the Caverns of Time. After passing through the bridge over a lava pool, gamers will be welcomed with a massive area with several prebuilt houses lacking doors.

What maps are on Ark Ascended? ›

Complete ARK Survival Ascended map release schedule (2024)
ARK Survival Ascended mapRelease date (estimated)
The CenterJune 3rd, 2024
The Desert Map (Scorched Earth)April 1st, 2024
The Underground Map (Aberration)May 2024
The Norse Map (Ragnarok)September 2024
7 more rows
Apr 18, 2024

Where is the hidden lake in ARK Ascended? ›

The Hidden Lake is located in the region Smugglers Pass. There are lots of trees and rocks for resources and is hidden by the thick surrounding forest. To the north is a small peninsula with scattered trees, and across the ocean to the east is The Dead Island.

What is the 2024 event in ARK: Survival Ascended? ›

ARK: Love Ascended 2024 is the Valentine's Event for ARK: Survival Ascended. It's the sequel from ARK: Love Evolved for ARK: Survival Evolved. This event can be manually activated: For Single-player and Self-host by searching Love Ascended in the ARK Mod list and install it, then activate it in the Available Mods menu.

Is the island map different in ascended ARK? ›

It is recognizable as The Island Map but it feels different and changed a bit. The foliage is denser, so you can't see as far. Makes it feel like the jungle it was intended to be. I think what really got me wasn't the improved rock and ground textures, but the weather and the light from the obelisks.

Will ARK Ascended DLCs be free? ›

"ARK: Survival Ascended includes access to all of ARK's worlds, including Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, ARK Genesis Part 1, ARK Genesis Part 2, and more. The Island is released now, with the subsequent expansion worlds to be added at no additional cost on a regular basis."

What is the best spawn location for ARK the island? ›

If you are a beginner survivor, you will want to spawn in the South of both maps. The south is where surviving will be the easiest. In addition, the tropical islands on the center are a great place for a beginner survivor.

Where is the best place to find alphas on the island ARK? ›

Alpha predators now tend to only appear inland or in mountainous regions.

What is the highest base level in ARK? ›

Max Levels

As of June 2022, the maximum player level is 190. (Survivors start at level 1. 104 levels can be gained normally, 60 gained by defeating end-game bosses, 10 gained from collecting all Explorer Notes on every map, and 5 acquired by levelling up a Chibi, a cosmetic event pet.


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